What Are Fracking Earthquakes?

fracking earthquakes

fracking earthquakes

“Fracking” means injecting pressurized fluid underground. So is there any proof showing the relation between fracking to quakes? You should find the answer in this writing as soon as you are aware fracking is still the most popular method to extract gas and raw oil from substratum beneath the ground layers. The next step is to start play with number games in the sense you want to guess how many fracking procedure is being done at the moment on daily basis. Considering every fracking may take months of effort then you can imagine what kind of substratum damage caused merely by this fracking procedures. After try a lot of various methods then scientists come to a conclusion that fracking using high pressurized fluid is somehow proven to be the most efficient one apart from the fact that it causes more damage to soil layers as well. Basic idea of fake earthquake is like when you punch holes on a stressed flat surface then it is just a matter of time of when it gets torn and collapse. With the real fake earthquakes you want to realize that we are talking about kilometres thick of substratum layers which is stressed from center of earth by high pressure nature gas. That is how fracking earthquakes to happen.

How Strong is the Pressure of Fracking Earthquakes?

Can you imagine a large water storage tank that is put like 500 metres above ground? Can you imagine what kind of water pressure it produces? Not to mention the water volume is easily like millions of cubicmetres. That is the closest match analogue to describe how strong is the pressure of man made earthquakes. In this case the pressure source is natural gas which is trapped kilometres underground. As soon as the high pressurized liquid come to the gas source under hard rock layers, sudden cracks start to happen due to extreme temperature difference between the liquid and the basically hot gas. This is the initial cause of fracking and earthquake correlation. The unnatural earthquakes damage indicate linearly how strong is the energy transfer from its source which is normally few kilometers deep from ground surface. There are very solid rocky substratum that requires massive fracking process to be properly penetrated and as a matter of fact it is not always because the stone layer is that hard. The fact is the amount of pressurized gas below the stone wall is of such ultra high one so when the pressurized liquid finally can penetrate the stone layers through its weak joints then the explosion is to happen thus resulting fracking dangers earthquake.

How Long Fracking Earthquakes can Take Place?

Indeed no one can tell precisely that is due to the fact when the fracking process has reached a determined gas pocket with highest pressure to enable gas extraction, a special chemical mixture is pumped to the opening area to keep it opened thus enabling the gas to flow constantly to ground surface. As soon as a gas channel is ready for exploration then the only parameter no one can control is about the pressure explosion from the natural gas source. It always deliver pressure in pulsing mode apart of the fact of huge volume of the gas being delivered. There are several factors that directly influence the stability of discharge pressure in the sense that when a sudden shock to take place then its excessive vibration is spreaded through the substratum layers. The latter is considered the real definition of fracking earthquakes.

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