Haiti After The Earthquake 2010


Before the earthquake in 2010, most of the houses in Haiti were poorly constructed as the standard of living was among the lowest in the world with earning per capita was only not more than US$ 2 per person. That made all the houses were easy to be destroyed as they were made only from bricks. Below is the story about Haiti after the earthquake 2010. The causes of the Haiti earthquake made all the debris was much like rubbles covering the road when the earthquake ruined their houses. Below is the story about Haiti after the earthquake 2010.

About Haiti after the earthquake

The government facilities were also being rebuilt. It was needed for running the government due to the nation was in need for the ruling power. Almost all of the stones have been removed out of the roads. Some sort of seriously broken presidential structures have lasted but not already been demolished. Additionally, the administration had been repairing most of the ministries city center. The lifestyle belonged to the men and women of low and middle income in the city of Port Au Prince had come back to what was in the pre-quake.


There were many improvements in Haiti news after the devastating earthquake in 2010. All the government buildings, town ministry centers, presidential offices had been rebuilt. In recent years, the shopping activities happened in the streets where people sold veggies. Besides, the international support was used to build the medical facilities, plantation. The support was used as well to prevent another disease problem in Haiti.

The all international support that was used for expenses on the prevention system for disease, government buildings, the more expenses for education center, residents housing accommodation, were not finishing as the work contract was terminated because of its limited resources. The government operating building was important to be built for running the ministry and president ruling the nation leading party as well as the administration. That is all about Haiti after the earthquake in 2010. Another related article can be seen on

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