Haiti Disaster Of Earthquake In 2010

Haiti disaster

Haiti is located on the southern part of America. It was in the third world’s countries. The economic standard of living was very low. There was no significant development over the past years. The residents lived under poverty line. The houses of the people were made of weak foundation. Therefore, the strength of the buildings were very low especially when Haiti disaster happened with high intensity, they could be easily destroyed.

That condition was made much worse by the situation of the politics of which the bribery was significantly hindering development of lives in Haiti. This condition made the environment was poorly structured when the earthquake came. Before the earthquake, the much conditions of the resident were living in a very cheap living place. Moreover, there was no seismologic station that was built to detect the seismic activities around Haiti.

Haiti was situated in Hispaniola Countries Island. It was bordered with Dominican nation and more than 50% was Dominican territory.

The earthquake in Haiti has not happened since the last 2 centuries. However, Haiti was located on the plate boundary of North America as well as Caribbean tectonic plates. There was major fault zone called Enriquillo Plantain Garden Fault Zone (EPG FZ).

Haiti disaster

On 12 January 2010, there were massive destruction caused by an earthquake in 7.0 magnitude that hit South West of much inhabited Haiti’s capital city, Port Au Prince. This was considered as intense earthquake that brought about more than 100.000 casualties as well as tens of thousands injured people. Millions were abandoned and hundreds of thousands housed were ruined. There were also businesses and private belongings were damaged. Hospitals were furthermore impacted.

Haiti was located at complex fault zone. The cause of the quake was not proved to be happened in major identified fault zone. Moreover, it was happened in new fault line in deeper ground. In geologic event, earthquake was happened due to motion of the fault. When a quake happened in continent, there could be land deformation in a larger dimension.

Haiti is located on the plate boundary of continental tectonic plate as well as micro plate. The EPG FZ was not proven to be causing the quake. Thus it could be made in the slippage on extension of fault line. After a devastating quake in Haiti disaster history happened, there were several shocks such as 2 aftershocks in between 5 to 5.9 magnitude shook Haiti after several hours of the 7.0 magnitude quake. After a week, there was also aftershock in 6.1 magnitude in southwest of capital city.

Effect of Haiti Earthquake

The situation and condition on the Haiti residents was added by the Cholera outbreaks. There was Cholera diseases that spread over the people and made thousands of casualties by the outbreak. The damage of hospital also made the access of medical kit list towards nonexistence. The conditions were worsened by the cut of power and sanitation that were critically important to stop the Cholera outbreak.

There were a lot of casualties combined with injured people. The houses that were ruined have displaced million humans. The hospitals were ruined as well as the private and businesses belongings.

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