Haiti Earthquake Facts And The History

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Some of Haiti earthquake facts were that huge number of fatalities as well as the following outbreak. In fact, Haiti was among the poorest nations on earth. In Haiti earthquake facts, the nation was positioned 145 of 169 nations inside UN Human Development List. Above 70% on the people has been residing below the low income line.

According to United Nations, Haiti was among the poorest nations in the list of UN Human Development which is on the bottom of listed nations. There were much more the poor living under the standard of income and staying in poor constructed houses.

There were related issues that became major of the Haiti earthquake facts.

Facts of Haiti Earthquake 

Nation: Haiti

Capital city: Port Au Prince, as far as 16 miles of the epicenter in 2010 earthquake was included in number one in the world of the worst affected by the earthquake for two centuries

When: 12 January 2010

Power: 7.0 magnitude earthquake

Location: South west of Haiti capital city, Port Au Prince

Loss of life: Deaths in about 220.000 to 310.000

Aftershocks: Around 50 times with power in about 4.5 to 5.9 magnitude

Caused by which tectonic plates: the North American plate and the Caribbean plate

Injured: About 300.000 people getting injured

Affected: About two million of ten million citizens of Haiti nation getting displaced

Homeless: About 85.000 people getting abandoned scattered in 100 spots in September ’14

Construction Conditions: Haiti is situated at the active fault but they did not build according to the stand out rules so that buildings were not saved from the earthquake strike

Objects affected: About 300.000 houses have been destroyed when the quake struck near the main city of Port Au Prince, and the hospitals, streets and other facilities were damaged

Fault System: Enriquillo-Plaintain Garden (EPG) fault system, in the boundary of the Caribbean and North America tectonic plates

Type of fault: Strike-slip fault

Movement of the tectonic plate: The shifting of Caribbean plate to the east of EPG fault system

Schools: Affected on around 4000 schools being damaged, accounted ¼ of all schools

Another problem: the outbreak of cholera that occurred in October 2010 and about 8000 citizens were dead in the middle of 2013 because of the outbreak and as many as hundreds thousands were affected as well

Troops and other citizens affected: As many as 90 UN troops and 120 US citizens were also claimed died

Aid needed: Two years following the quake, the United Nations reacted to have given aid as much as four and half billion dollars possibly to restore the damage caused by earthquake but only half of them have been received by Haiti during 2010 and 2011

Estimated damage: According to the World Bank, there have been estimated nearly eight billion dollars for the value of damage caused by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake

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Cholera Effect: Since 2010 there were in about seven hundred thousand being threatened caused by the cholera outbreak and was included the largest number globally

Solution for curing the outbreak: There were insufficient of two billion dollars amount of money to rebuild the drinking facilities as well as water cleaning system that was required to recover from the outbreak

Estimation of the Cholera outbreak: It was then estimated that the Cholera outbreak was brought preliminary through the UN troops from Nepal, claimed by the independent company for privileges and democratization for Haiti in 2013.

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