The 7 Magnitude Haiti Earthquake In 2010

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2010The Haiti earthquake was 7 magnitude happened on 4.53 pm with the earthquake epicenter around 10 miles southern side of the Haiti capital, Port Au Prince, in a depth of 13 kilometers.
images of haiti

This was the worst disaster within 2 centuries that killed at a minimum of 250.000 lives and at a maximum of 316.000. There were 1.6 million people lost their houses. The responsible factor of it was the boundary of the north American plate as well as the Caribbean plate called Enriquillo-Plantain garden fault.

What Caused the Haiti Earthquake?

The quake was caused by the strike-slip fault which was the Caribbean tectonic plate moved together with the American plate. The boundary of north American plate and Caribbean plate shaped a fault called Enriquillo-Plaintain garden fault. The Caribbean plate was shifting to the east around 20 mm (0.79 inch) a year on another side of boundary of American plate.

images of haiti

The earthquake was a result of nearby the strike-slip fault of Enriquillo-Plantain garden fault system which known as one of the biggest fault line across all the Haiti capital city and Dominican Republic. The boundaries of the American plate and Caribbean plate moved together that created strike-slip fault which was the cause for Haiti earthquake in 2010. The earthquake happened in fault zone where most earthquakes strike.
How did the earthquake happen? The quake was really preceded with tens even hundreds of years accumulated tension, and the shifting of the fault finally unlocked their power to be released in 7.0 magnitude earthquake. That fault was really deemed to be the factor behind the huge destruction in 2010.

The earthquake was hard to be known because they could start without any notification under earth’s ground. Plus, the people in Haiti were unaware of the hundred years locked power underneath their land.

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Although the evident of the crack of the fault could not be seen on the surface, the clear proof was that in the past years, experts had studied about the possibility of the fault which could break. Plus there has been steady movement of two tectonic plates that in 2010 was causing the system of the fault to unleash the 7 magnitude earthquake. The Enriquillo-Plaintain garden fault system was actually strike-slipbecause the movements of two different tectonic plates were passing each other.

Seismometer could not be a source to predict such when earthquake was due to be happened. Even geologists and scientists were not able to make clear justification of whether the fault system were about to unlocked. In the future, it should be the preparation to be made in time to encounter the danger of the quake such as developing and strengthening the area over the dangerous fault system like in Haiti.

The type of fault system of Haiti was the same as the San Andreas Fault which to be blamed for the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The city was terribly devastated by the quake as well as the hazard caused by earthquake. Today, San Andreas fault system is the lengthiest and scared because of in the inactive state. In the same year of 2010 of one of the largest earthquakes of the world hapenned in Chile, there was little casualties because they have learned from the experience they had in the past time within 1960 when the largest earthquake in history hit their land.

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