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Haiti news

In Haiti news in the wake of the earthquake, the government of Haiti was characterized with bribery. Much of the Haiti people were living in poor condition. However, the post of the earthquakewas the toughest times for Haiti nation. There could be about 7.5 billion dollars in aids that had been received by the Haiti nation. What has been important was the use of expense of international support aid for the restructuring Haiti society, and government.

Haiti news

The post condition of earthquake was that eventually the recovery had indeed provided for distribution towards the people in Haiti. The focus was mainly giving on remedy for the people impacted by the quake. The aids from international organization were effective for medical supplies that were used to cure the much injured inhabitants caused by the earthquake since there were three and half million affected by the quake.

Further, the aid used for rebuilding the housing accommodation was not effective because the accommodations were made of temporary camps such as tents. Since there were 180.000 houses flattened to the ground and there were 1.500.000 displaced people, there could not be enough aid to build all the houses. The workings on building the hospitals or treatment centers, education services, housing were 50 percents effective.

The picture of much-affected earthquake region, Port Au Prince, was eventually rebuilt to what it had been prior to the earthquake. There were no more temporary living tents after sometimes the people in Haiti were rerouted for secondary living places.

Urgent situation of food stuff in addition to water supply have been used, over fifty percent from the funds proceeded to go towards remedy aid that helped saving people lives. On the other hand, with excessive expense, short-term work could reach its expiration date; adjusting housing, treatment centers as well as education centers may not be designed to survive. Inside the Haiti news, the situation and condition for the people or citizen of Haiti could have been better with just the development in the government and the society. It was a country condition that worsened the situation in there.


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