Hazards Caused By Earthquakes

land liquefaction

Hazards caused by earthquakes can be causing further destruction because they were found to be dangerous in the event they were happened. Since the worst earthquake has been documented even in previous century ago, they brought about hazards which could be proven to be fatal or deadly.

Anyone who encountered this disaster would be facing the risk of getting injured as well as death. Because earthquake can not only damage your properties but also have hazards that would deliver further catastrophe. The hazards were becoming more and more dangerous as it opened a way to further natural processes of a disaster so that there were significant threat to anyone encountered in the event of big earthquake happened. Total destruction caused by earthquakes could not be minimized since the earthquakes could not be predicted.

What causes earthquake’s hazard? It could be triggered by the items that have been damaged by the quake such as fire and gas tanks, electricity power outage and so on. If the hazards are caused by the earthquakes hit the land, examples of hazard would be landslide, avalanche, land liquefaction, flood, and flames. However, if hazard is caused by the earthquake that struck the ocean, the example of hazard would be tsunami.

There should have been early detection that could save people’s lives. In Pacific areas, there was system that could deliver first warning of any tsunami that could strike through the ocean. In an advanced country such as Japan where they used early tsunami detection system, there was earthquake in 2011 that hit on the shore and triggered tsunami and caused less death. However, in a developing country such as Indonesia in 2004, among the largest earthquake in the world that triggered tsunami could kill hundreds of thousands people because there was no such early detection system that warned the people so that the casualties were huge.

Studies suggested that in a place that people did not know how to react to tsunami, about 60 percents got killed, but in a place that people knew how to react to tsunami, less than 20 percents were killed.

What Were the Effects of Hazards Caused by Earthquakes?

The earthquake, tsunami, flood, landslide were the natural hazard. People were facing different threat when natural hazards happened. They could be swept over by the ocean tide of tsunami, dropped by objects caused by landslide, or even burned in flames caused by broken gas pipes. The hazards by the earthquakes were as dangerous as or even more dangerous than the natural disaster such as the tsunami that hit the Indian ocean in 2004. Hazards of the earthquakes were caused by natural processes in the earth’s surface such as land displacement. Land liquefaction was included in natural hazard.

land liquefaction

Because the land became lighter which absorbed with the water, the soil could be ruined and dropped the building construction above it.

nepal earthquakes risk

Besides, the people during Nepal earthquake had faced risks such as deaths happened in houses that collapsed and the avalanche that also caused people to be killed near the high land in 2015.

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