What Is To Be Prepared In Home Earthquake Kit?


Have you ever wondered what home earthquake kit is? If you live in an area that is rarely experiencing earthquake, this idea is probably not that easy to come on your mind. However, you should not underestimate it since it is really important. It is so much better to prepare many things needed in one package so that when the earthquake comes, you can bring them more easily. How can you package it then? Just prepare a backpack or a bag with medium size. It is better if the backpack is rarely used for daily activities. Sure, it is because you may need to keep all things right there for a longer times.


The stuff or things that must be kept there are surely the first aid and drugs including the wound cure, bandage, drugs to relieve some diseases like fever, headache, stomachache, and so forth. Besides, it is important for you to keep some of your clothes there. Make sure that the clothes are those which are comfortable to wear during the survival. Besides, it is important also to keep some money there from now. Other important things can be the flashlight, radio, and even cell-phone. Besides, bathroom stuff is also necessary to be added to your home earthquake kit.

It is important as well to use the disaster kit as effective as possible. Sure, it is actually impossible for taking too many medications and other stuff when the disaster is ongoing. Therefore, it seems you only need to take few of them but also make sure that they are still in the right dosage. Besides, there is one more suggestion for you. Rather than adding medications that are from drugstores which are bought with prescription, it is much better to provide them that are freely offered in the shops. Such kinds of medication can be consumed only once when you get the symptom. Although the dosage is quite high, it will relieve your pain and sickness faster. Of course, the different way is treated for your sanitation package. It is because you still need to keep your body clean and healthy even if you probably cannot longer live in your own house due to the disaster.

Maybe, you wonder why there must also be the radio and flashlight added in your disaster kit? Radio, despite its function as the media for entertainment, it is important as well to watch whether there is the possibility of aftershocks or not. The aftershocks are commonly not as big as the main disaster. However, it is still risky for sure. If there is still the possibility of aftershocks, you must be aware like preventing yourself from standing under the building and the likes. Besides, flashlight is really helpful at night. After the disaster, it is possibility of power outage. For this case, the presence of flashlight is really needed. Meanwhile, you must need money of course. After the disaster, there must be helps from many people in the form of foods, clothes, and the others. However, there must be some other things that are not covered like the battery, phone charger, and the likes. Example of earthquake kit

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