What Happened In Iceland Volcano 2010?

Iceland volcano 2010

Iceland was situated at the northern mid Atlantic Ridge and because of that there were many volcanoes in the nation. The country itself is famous of the hot spring everywhere around the island. It is powered by hydro thermal that is the greenest, cleanest, cheapest energy in the Iceland making it one of the least polluted nations all around the world. Iceland was a remote island on northwest of the England and European territories. Iceland volcano 2010 has not been expected that only because of volcano eruption, it has caused in about 6 million passengers of Airplane Companies in England and European nations to be stuck for about a week. It also happened to travelers from outside the EU nations wanting to fly to the European nations or England.

The volcano which was Eyjafjallajökull was one of volcano that has long been inactive for more than a century. In years before the year of 2010, there had been small magnitude earthquakes. After many years being inactive, the Icelandic was not expecting any event like 2010 volcano eruption.

In the year of 2010, there was eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland. It caused the air traffic in most European countries to be halted such as England, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Finland, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Estonia and Czech Republic.

Iceland volcano 2010

Eyjafjallajökull name was teken from its meaning of Iceland Glacier Mountain. It is meant that volcano under glacier. The volcano of Eyjafjallajökull is situated under the ice glacier. The explosion actually had never happened since 2 centuries ago. Based on the research done by the scientists, the explosion of the Eyjafjallajökull Iceland volcano 2010 was caused by the swarms of earthquakes (meaning a series of earthquakes). The volcano rumbled, rattled and exploded the lava from the volcano vent under the glacier as well as releasing a massive amount of ash columns into the air. Then, the columns of ash clouds were taken by the winds coming from the northwest into the many regions of Atlantic Ocean such as England and European countries.

The chronological event was that many quakes caused the rattle inside the volcano dismantling the locked molten rocks in the depth of a number of some places underneath the volcano. There were explosions on April to May that was marked by the earthquakes before.  The earthquakes were far more prevalent in March and on the eruption were then taken place in April. The effect for the airplane industry was loss of money in amount of more than 1 billion dollars. Then there were around 100.000 flights that had been cancelled during a week. In total, the loss in global economy was around 4.7 billion dollars. That was only caused by the ash clouds covered the atmosphere.

The ice glacier that was melted by the lava out of the volcano caused flood in the nearby location of mountain. There were a number of Icelandic people evacuated from their places during Iceland volcano 2010. The number of evacuated people was approximately 800. The event of erupting volcano had attracted many tourists to visit to capture the moment of the eruption. That moment had really been the time of tragedy in airline industry.

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