Eruption Of Icelandic Volcano

icelandic volcano

Iceland is located on the ocean of North Atlantic and Arctic. It is on the boundary of mid-Atlantic ridge. There is Icelandic volcano called Eyjafjallajökull that burst into fire for the first time after long in state of inactive of about 2 centuries in the past.

Five years before now in 2010, Icelandic volcano called Eyjafjallajökull was for the first time erupted since it was inactive for a long period of time. The effect of this eruption was it made the air traffic schedule to be postponed for about half month in the end of April 2010 because of the ash cloud covering the sky of mostly the European Countries. The clouds were flinging to as far as Kenya, Africa.

icelandic volcano

The loss of airplane industry in most affected EU countries was estimated as billions of euro. The volcano had produced an earthquake that it would erupt since 2009 and the quake became more intense on March of 2010 exactly before the volcano erupted.

The first eruption was happened on March of 2010 that was divided into some phases. The first was big explosion that the effect was rose as far as hundreds of meters into the air. The first explosion into the air was considered low as the furthest was 4 kilometers into the air. The explosions have created a new vent of the volcano not far from the first volcano.

A month after its initial eruption, the volcano had rumbled a lot and further released ash clouds as far as 8 kilometers into the air. In the final day of the erupting volcano of Eyjafjallajökull was on May of 2010. It have been active for three months. The ashes clouds were flown over Atlantic and European nations and have stopped the airplane industry for about one to two weeks that caused about billions of euro loss.

The Effect of Icelandic Volcano Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull  

The most apparent was that England airplane schedules were postponed for about a week, many were affected. The EU nations that were affected the most were North EU nations. More than ten thousand people were not able to fly. As much as a hundred thousand flights were not able to depart in more than 2 weeks. Airplane industry had lost a billion dollars in revenue because of the ashes clouds of Icelandic Volcano eruption. The airport has also lost hundreds of thousand losses being inactive. The Eyjafjallajökull Volcano had been inactive for about 2 centuries ago.

The second eruption of the volcano in the mountain hill had made the ice melting in the location not far from the location and produced flood in that period that made in about 800 people to be flee. Fortunately there were no casualties caused by the eruption of volcano of Eyjafjallajökull.

On the post of the eruption, many tourists have been able to see the picture of the Icelandic volcano. The earthquake is a sign of the volcano eruption that happened before the eruptions. The earthquake can be a sign that the volcano is in the active status on eruption.

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