Information About Earthquake And Other Disasters

information about earthquake

Information about earthquake gives general information about facts and figures in events caused by the earthquake. Among all natural disasters, earthquake was more frequently happened than the other such as flood, tornado, typhoon, and hurricane and so on. In the time history of this century, the disaster of earthquake occurred the most and caused the highest death toll due to lack of earthquake prediction and lack of disaster preparedness. You might be not aware of the earthquake disaster event that had happened in this century. Nevertheless, earthquake is a natural disaster that is violent to everyone in this earth. It is not saying that the other natural disasters are not dangerous but earthquake can happen so quickly in a minute or even less depending on the earthquake’s magnitude. Small earthquakes happen without anyone can feel it. However, a large and powerful earthquake usually over 7 to 8 magnitude happen with the occasion of large individuals in a country or even region can sense it.

information about earthquake

Annually, an earthquake of that magnitude happens close to a dense location with distance of some tens of kilometers from the epicenter. Therefore, when an earthquake hit, many people can be threatened by death because it can topple down houses, flatten buildings and create a number of hazards caused by the earthquake. Because the houses and buildings collapse caused by the earthquakes, at minimum of ten thousand individuals can be killed each and every year. The earthquake can happen anywhere along the plate boundary or in the fault line. In subduction zone, tsunami can be triggered. In history, there were hazards such as flames, flood and landslide. Aftershock can be in lower magnitude that happens not long after the main earthquake that is usually within 24 to 72 hours. Sometimes even with lower magnitude, shock wave can deliver more loss of lives and more damage to the buildings and construction since structures have been weakened by previous major shock.

Death actually is able to be prevented by disaster preparedness such as disaster plan, information and strengthened building structures built in resistance towards earthquakes. Another information about earthquake hazard is liquefaction which is the changing of sand becoming like fluid and gentle causing many high volume of construction to be toppled down.

Actually the measuring earthquake magnitude means a tenfold in an increase of 1 point of magnitude. For example, 7 measured in Richter scale earthquake is tenfold stronger than earthquakes measured 6 in the Richter scale. Different scale which is used to measure the destruction in certain places in a location such as broken things around houses, small or large land trembling in order to discover its amount of effects by a seismic wave. Small earthquakes happen in a sudden within this world especially around many faults within a number of countries such as cities in Australia, places in England and other geographic locations.

Specific Information

Quakes are described in specific dimensions for providing specific information about earthquake. That dimensions cover as much as important details about the location in which it hit as well as including their power of magnitude, when the event happen, their epicenter, their focus or the depth in the ground, its regional territory, locations from the main city or suburb.

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