Is There Big Disaster of Earthquake Right Now?


You should understand that the earthquake is the result from the plate tectonics or the shifting plates that happen in the crust of the Earth. The earthquake will occur when there is a frictional stress from the gliding plate that causes the failure in the fault line. Is there an earthquake right now? In the earthquake, the strain of elastic energy was released and able to radiate the wave then sake the ground.

Many scientist can predict where the big temblors which may happen in the general sense, but the research does not yet give the accurate prediction about the exact time and locations. Some of earthquakes can result the tsunamis that can blow up a hole of city that also impacting all of the country as well. The minor of Earthquake can be induced or had been caused by the human activity, including of the extraction materials from the Earth and the collapse of huge buildings. You may be curious, is there an earthquake right now? There are several huge disasters of Earthquake in 2016.


 Some natural disaster of Earthquake in 2016:

  1.  The Taiwan Earthquake.

This was happened on Feb 6, the 6,4 of magnitude Earthquake hit the 17 miles of northeast of Pinitung City that located in Southern Taiwan. This is relatively shallow depth around 14 miles or 23 km above the surface that also cause the wider damage and falling the buildings in Tainian City. This Earthquake cause around 117 of deaths and the other hundreds were injured, according the Tainan City Government, most of the victims and injuries derived from the collapse of Wei Guan Dragon buildings which has high rise towers.

  1.  The Italy Earthquake.

The central of Italy was called this year by the three powerful earthquakes only within 3 months. The 6,2 of magnitude earthquake was happened on August, 24 around 5,5 miles or 10,5 km form the southeast of Norcia in Italy. The first earthquake was followed by several aftershock earthquake, including of 5,5 of magnitude earthquake which happened on 2,5 miles or 4 km from the Norcia in the same day.  The temblors was shook the central Italy that cause the killing hundred of peoples. The second earthquake was happened on October when the 2 of powerful earthquake attacked only within 2 hours and shake the central country.

  1.  The New Zealand Earthquake and Tsunami.

The powerful of 7,8 magnitude earthquake was happened in New Zealand on November, 14. Although the center of earthquake is placed in northeast of Christchurch, then the massive earthquake was far away from the Capital of New Zealand. About 2 hours after the first earthquake, the tsunamis wave also occurs over than 7 feet or 2 meters that hit the coast.

  1.  The Indonesia Earthquake.

During the fisrt week on March, there is 7.8 magnitude of earthquake that struck about 500 miles or 800 km from the southwest of Sumatra. This is the island that located in western Indonesia. Although the earthquake was powerful, this is enough to cause several significance damages as well.  On December, 7, there is the other Earthquake that shook the island nations. The center of Earthquake was derived from Aceh, Indonesia.

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