What Happened In Japan Earthquake 2011?

2011 quake

One of the biggest earthquakes in the world was Japan earthquake in 2011 in power of 9.0 magnitude. The hazards of earthquake including flames, tsunami were also triggered by earthquake that happened on shore east side of Japan mainland.

2011 quake

Apart from the hazards of earthquakes such as tsunami and flames, the flames were actually triggered by the explosion of the broken nuclear power plant that resulted in massive dangerous radioactive substance into the atmosphere. It became the worstand the hardest moment in history of Japan. The Fukushima nuclear/atomic power plants were damaged because the emergency cooling systems were failed to be fully activated after the Japan earthquake 2011 and tsunami struck in the north side from Japanese shoreline near Fukushima nuclear plants. There were only four nuclear plants that were damaged as the other facilities were deactivated before it exploded.

The nuclear disaster was categorized as second hazardous nuclear crisis after the nuclear crisis in Chernobyl, Ukraine when one of nuclear facilities in Chernobyl exploded. The situation forced everyone around the area to evacuate and made the whole area be empty. The Fukushima plant was situated at Fukushima prefecture. Four of them were exploded. Also, the damage of the Fukushima was mainly caused by the temperature inside the plant increasing without process of cooling. When the radioactive substance was released into the air, nearby areas were all devastated. There were destruction everywhere.

The dimension of the tsunami was 23 feet high striking the shorelines, sweeping all the vehicles and the ships. The tsunami was capable of destroying and damaging everything. This included the land, properties, vehicles, ships, and the inhabitants. There were more than 20.000 casualties caused by the disaster. Furthermore, the nuclear crisis also delivered to more fatalities as more people were suicide.

Much of the casualties were hit by the hazards of earthquakes such as tsunami. Although there was built tsunami warning system to deliver about information about possibility of tsunami that enable people to immediately evacuate, yet many people were regarded dead. At that time everyone was stunned.

Japan Earthquake 2011 is Fifth of the Largest Earthquakes 

Japan earthquake 2011 happened on March 2011. It was in the north side from the east shoreline of Japan that the 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit on the shoreline. The quake was called mega thrust because it was caused by mega thrust fault where Pacific plate thrust below North American plate. It was called subduction zone which is one of the tectonic plate pushed under another plate. It referred to a place where large earthquake tended to happen. As a result, the massive tsunami was triggered in this zone as one of the biggest earthquake in the world took place in that zone.

The tsunami wave was in about 30 meters high that brought into the Japan shore and took everything from the ocean such as big ships including the structure above the ground. It was the latest tragedy of the explosion of four of all the nuclear plants after the nuclear crisis in Chernobyl in this century which only one plant exploding.

It seemed that there has to be a lot of improvement in warning system that has been built in Japan to prepare the people about the hazards of earthquakes.

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