New Zealand’s Kaikoura Earthquake In 2016

kaikoura earthquake 2016

kaikoura earthquake 2016

In this month of October 13, 2016, after the Monday 12 AM, an earthquake with 7.8 M has struck northern area of the area of Christchurch which was Kaikoura earthquake 2016. New Zealand (NZ) is ordinary to earthquake since the country has been in the event of natural disaster such as earthquake before. In 2011, earthquake has struck the city of Christchurch with the casualties of 165. The people there had an experience with this disaster of earthquake since then. With the experience that has not long been forgotten, people there thought how to prepare themselves more safely.

There was so far 2 casualties that has been the victim of the so called a powerful earthquake strike. There was two and half meters high tsunami after the tremor. It was first frightened for some meters high above the ocean surged that forced the citizen of NZ to move up onto higher land. There could be more people in danger as it was higher risk when the tsunami occurred. This tsunami has never been seen by a New Zealander in his whole live.

There have been 2 more aftershocks that happened in the event. As for the epicenter, it is about 180 kilometer Northern area from Christchurch under the earth. The location of the focus of the tremor was in Kaikoura. the tremor was also felt in North Island which is the capital of NZ, Wellington. It is hundred kilometers to the north from the Christchurch area of 2011 earthquake.

The land in the area of the Kaikoura earthquake 2016 mostly has been damaged. There had been many shakes around this town, many things in the houses also have been dropped. This shake could be the sign that NZ is prone to a powerful earthquake as in 2011.

What Caused This Tremor?

This tremor was caused by the location of the NZ that is located on the edge of tectonic plates between Indo-Australian and Pacific tectonic plates. As the earthquakes hit more in the boundary of tectonic plates, location in NZ has been prone to such earthquake. The country of NZ is also inside of the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is the place around Pacific ocean for so many tremors and volcanoes that are most frequently occurred.

The result of this quake has resulted two casualties. When the earthquake has happened in the past such as in 2011, there had been many houses that collapsed. That earth quake happened in a city area. This quake that happened this month happened in the area that not many people around as the previous quake.

The Areas Affected

The depth of the quake was reported as 23 kilometers. There were also a thousand of tourists were evacuated as that tremor happened. The aftershocks have happened in south island as well. There were two died person in the area of Kaikoura earthquake 2016 and near the Mount Lyford. There has been not known as how they could be died.

The tremor was felt as far as thousand miles away and the tsunami warning was including in some places in the east shore of all NZ such as Wellington, Christchurch and Chatham island. The quake was estimated firstly at 7.4 by the US geological services but revised to be at 7.8 Magnitude.

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