Latest Earthquakes In The World

latest earthquakes

Latest earthquake was often happened in a location that was prone to earthquakes. Although an earthquake happened in small magnitude to medium magnitude, the large earthquakes tended to happen in the subduction zone. When the earthquake happened in the ocean especially in Pacific area, there can be tsunami warning released if the earthquake caused a tsunami. Often, there were large earthquakes distracted our attention from our daily routine activities.

It could be happened in countries that are located on hazardous seismic activities of large tectonic plates in the ocean floor or continent floor causing tsunami, landslides, avalanches and other risks related to earthquakes. Chile had been struck the strongest earthquake such as magnitude 9.5 in Valdivia in 1960. There was earthquake in Haiti that caused more than 100.000 fatalities, but at the same period there were only hundreds fatalities caused by greater magnitude earthquake in Chile.

You will have frequent earthquakes and cannot run from the earthquakes if you move to Chile. Chile is located on the coast of southern America near the Pacific. It has had a lot of earthquakes because it had been on plate edges. In this article, some latest hazardous and deadliest Chile’s earthquakes will be listed.

Earthquakes in Chile

Chile had the largest earthquake in the world’s earthquake history in 1960 which was 9.5 magnitude earthquake. Until now, Haiti has built a lot of experiences regarding disaster plan on safety, preparedness and evacuation from the past. People in Chile were accustomed to earthquakes. Medium earthquakes happened every year.

A magnitude 8.3 earthquake had happened in Chile in September 2015 killing at least ten people and causing about one million people to evacuate immediately. It raised tsunami warning across California and Hawaii. Chile inhabitants were hung on the street of Santiago city in the 16 September at night time. The quake trembled on their city and also started tsunami warning in Chile as well as Peru. As well tsunami waves reached the coast of Japan.

latest earthquakes

On April 2014, two 8.2 and 7.7 magnitude earthquakes have happened in Iquique, Chile. It happened in North West and South West of Iquique. It has raised a tsunami warning and watch on the west coast of southern America.

Earthquakes in 21st century

Latest earthquakes in this century. On April of 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake happened in Nepal and caused about 9000 casualties. A 9.0 magnitude Japan earthquake in 2011 took place that was regarded as fifth largest earthquake in the world causing tsunami and killing at least 18.000 casualties.

When Chile earthquake 2010 happened, it was 8.8 magnitude causing just a few casualties (about 500 deaths). Nevertheless, when Haiti earthquake 2010 happened in lesser 7.0 magnitude, it caused massive casualties of more than 150.000 loss of lives.

In 2008, when a 7.9 magnitude earthquake magnitude happened in Sichuan, China, it killed at least 60.000 lives. In 2006, when a magnitude 6.3 magnitude earthquake took place in Java, Indonesia, it killed about 5700 people. In October, 2005, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake happened in Pakistan and it killed at least 80.000 people.

In December of 2004, a 9.1 magnitude earthquake of happened on west of shore of north Sumatra, Indonesia causing tsunami that killed at least 230.000 fatalities. Also, on December of 2003 when a 6.6 magnitude earthquake happened in south east of Iran, it had killed more than 31.000 lives.

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