Predicting Earthquakes In Los Angeles

los angeles earthquakes

You can say Los Angeles Earthquakes are developed by the basically same cause i.e. earth crust layers movement that spreads the shocking wave to its surrounding. In daily life you can find same happening i.e. when a heavy transportation vehicle passing by on a road then you are to feel sort of vibration whether you are in or outside of a building. It is the soil and rock layers that determine how strong the vibration of an earthquake is as well as how strong the original energy source is. Out of question the stronger the energy and the closer the epicentre the stronger is the earthquake vibration impact to its surrounding. Los Angeles is somehow considered as an area with high frequency of earthquake, it is interesting to understand that this data is not very well known even in scientist’s society. It is simply could be because the recorded measured earthquake vibration were seldom to reach a dangerous level. On the other hand one should somehow put attention that a weak earthquake at constant frequency could bring the same menace as a one time of harder strike.

los angeles earthquakes

Is Los Angeles Earthquake predictable?

The record shows Los Angeles Earthquakes are barely difficult to predict as mentioned earlier LA’s earthquake is bit different in the sense of its much higher frequency to happen at much lower power. This topic starts prolonged debate between scientists as most of them would have to say their certain law and theory about what an earthquake is. You can say LA has never have a fatal strike of single earthquake except one in nearby place such as Northridge earthquake. yet it still means inhabitant to stay alert for earthquake strike possibility as it could happen anytime at all. Home earthquake monitor is a best seller product in areas similar to Los Angeles for this reason.

It is interesting to understand that today there are more people to learn and apply Eastern wisdom about this. They would “listen” to their dogs or pets they have in house i.e. birds. They have natural instinct of 100% accuracy which man made machines can not duplicate. This is an interesting case where modern man starts “to go back to nature” in this way. You want to do the same in case you live near an earthquake area yourself. You should have experienced similar signs you ignored before for instance when ants and insects suddenly migrate to new spot without certain reason. You can be ascertained to experience earthquake or flood few weeks later. Yes you are reading “weeks”. Those creature predict the coming disaster weeks before it happened. While the most sensitive and accurate man made machine is indeed can only measure how strong an earthquake strike is.


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