Most Recent Earthquakes In The World

most recent earthquakes
Source: USGS Earthquakes map ( 

Earthquakes in the American continent have been long been investigated and feared to be the next deadly and big earthquake in this decade. Due to earthquake swarm, Chile has been due to more than 8 Magnitude. Moreover, Chile is location prone to earthquakes and there is where most recent earthquakes have happened in the last couple years. In the north America, Alaska was also the place where most recent earthquakes happened. However, the magnitude of the earthquakes was not as large as earthquake in the South America such as Chile. In the United States itself, where people living in near San Andreas fault line, Hayward fault line were more prone to quakes rather than those people living out of those fault line found.

most recent earthquakes
Source: USGS Earthquakes map (

In other places of US such as Seattle, the place was investigated because there could be other potential earthquakes caused by newly found risk regarding earthquake swarm. The authority of US geological services investigated this what lead this swarm. The result was not found yet. The USGS was the body US government led that monitor and investigate any earthquake activity in the US alone and in the world. Yet, they tried to protect the US citizen from any potential rick and hazard.

The next feared potential natural disaster such as earthquake has been feared by the US citizen because the active zone of their fault zone such as San Andreas Fault. The news regarding this fault zone has been out since past years and the investigation from the USGS US government led has been continued.

The earthquake caused by volcanic activity was also found near the Mount St. Helens. Since it was erupted in 2008, there was earthquakes swarm. The earthquakes swarm could be a sign that the potential mountain eruption. Since 2 years ago, the earthquakes swarm happened, but these earthquakes seemed to be small. The disaster of volcanic eruption in 1980 of Mount St. Helens was the catastrophe one. The one in 2008 was not able to be similar to the one in 1980.

Other parts of the world which are such as Japan in East Japan and Central Asia were also countries with large number of earthquakes. Japan is unevitable to earthquakes because the nation was most prone to earthquakes natural disaster than any other country in the world. With archipelago near the subduction zone, Japan was a country with volcanoes and fault lines. Earthquakes in this country could be range from medium to large earthquakes which are 6 to 7 Magnitude.

The country in Central Asia that most recent earthquakes happened is Tajikistan. Central Asia countries are also the places that most earthquakes happen because the archipelago of the fault lines across nations in this part of continent. Based of USGS, there are some crashes in these region such as India and Asia as well as Africa. Around 7 M earthquake happened in Tajikistan in this May 2017. The Tajikistan nation is located in north of South Asian nation such as India. The seismically active region was due to the crash of that crashes. These were the most recent earthquakes that have happened in this point of time. Recent earthquake in LA :

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