What Is Natural Disaster?

natural disaster

Natural disaster is a natural shocking event causing massive surrounding destruction, land and ocean hazards, deep tragedy, and natural risks including injury even deaths with zero warning. There are the examples of disaster such as earthquake, tornado, flood, volcano eruption, tornado. Disaster is a violently natural process in the earth causing catastrophe effects on human and the living places. Earthquake and volcanowere formed through geological process with regards to tectonic plates. The disaster related with earthquake has been causing catastrophic phenomena in the world’s history. That included deaths, economic loss, injury as well as natural catastrophe. Earthquake is also a human induced such as underground bombings, liquid injection and meteor explosion.

Citizens of a nation are faced with risks of the disaster such as earthquakes and hazards of the earthquakes. The risks of earthquakes are dropped by wall and roof of the building collapse, flooded by the tsunami, buried by landslide or avalanches and burned in a fire. Knowing about risks of earthquake risks will be delivering disaster preparedness for the family members during a disaster such as earthquakes.

natural disaster

Disaster Preparedness

A cautionary preparedness action will save you and your family members when earthquake strikes. The preparedness can be a preparedness plan during natural disaster. The disaster preparedness is critical during the disaster as it explain the steps in saving from the violence of earthquake.

When the disaster preparedness is known by the inhabitants of a nation, there can be more than 80 percents rescued people than a nation without disaster preparedness. Disaster preparedness can also be a warning system that notifies an incoming hazard such as tsunami. The region that has been using a tsunami warnings are Pacific nations, Japan nation. When Indian Ocean earthquake in 2004 triggered that hazard of tsunami that swept across north Sumatra, and south Asian countries, there were more than 200.000 casualties.

Causes of Disaster

Why do earthquakes happen? Geological process of the earth’s ground involving the movement of rocks inside the earth’s layer that subduct, slip or move past each other. The earthquake ruptured on a break along the fault line or zone. This delivered tremble on the land as well as creating hazards of the earthquakes.

The process of the rocks inside the ground is called seismic movement resulted from many years of fractions of the rocks inside the earth’s layer. The most occurring hazardous earthquakes locations are the places around boundary of the Pacific plate. The largest earthquake happened in a subduction zone. It was often called as mega thrust earthquake referring to the movement of subduction of the fault plain towards another.

Depending on the location of the nation, varied warning system was designed to enable notification system to notify incoming possible outcome of earthquake hazards of tsunami like in Pacific Tsunami warning system. The seismologists are the specialists that are responsible to measure earthquake dimension such as the magnitude of a jolt, epicenter, focus using seismograph. However, the quake was taken place in a sudden time. Therefore, as it happened in history, there have been casualties of natural disaster because of its violent occurrence.

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