Nepal Earthquake 2015 Death Toll

25 april nepal earthquake

The earthquake power, focus and the epicenter combined with the structure condition were causing the Nepal earthquake 2015 death toll to be larger. As a result of Nepal earthquake 2015, the Nepal earthquake’s death toll had reached more than 9000 casualties. The avalanches on the mount of Everest also took a minimum of 17 lives.

Map of Nepal Earthquake 2015

25 april nepal earthquake

The total of Nepal Earthquake 2015 death toll reached approximately 9018 casualties caused by the earthquake on 25 April as well as the aftershocks on 12 May 2015. The neighboring countries such as Indian, Bangladesh, Tibet as well as Pakistan were also affected given that 60 people died altogether.

When the main shocks actually occurred, there were casualties in neighboring country such as China. Furthermore, a number of 112 people lost were believed to be foreign tourists. When the Nepal was hit by the earthquake, many people left the house. The walls of the house were toppled down, electricity poles were dropped, and big holes were created on the road. There was so much dust flying on the air near the earthquake.

That 7.8 Magnitude earthquake also caused destruction of hundreds of thousands houses as in the estimation. The aftershocks that happened in Tuesday happened in 76 kilometers on the east side of capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu after there was a temporary recovery of the previous earthquake.

The injured people were counted at 22000 individuals. Altogether the casualties in 2015 happened to be the worst in the history, because that number of casualties from the earthquake 1931 in the past was fewer. This was more damaging than the earthquake in 1934 that claimed over 8500 lives in Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal. This was the greatest record of destruction as well as the biggest death toll to the date.

It was the second biggest after the earthquake in 1934 when that earthquake claimed about 8519 casualties. In Nepal earthquake 2015, this was a massive destruction including approximately half million houses belonging to the Nepalese people being toppled down and half of it being partly destroyed. So many of the people were trapped in the destroyed house and buried in it.

There were many casualties because it happened as shallow or short earthquake. That was the reason behind as to why the earthquake reached the neighboring countries in the south in India and in the north in China. As well, the power was measured at 7.8 that was the second biggest after one measured at 8.4 in 1934.

Another cause of many victims was because they lived in a village that they were not good at knowing any event of an earthquake. Thus the people were unprepared to any sudden movement on the earth’s ground. As well, they were not told by anyone who had known that the risk of accumulated tension saved from decades in the fault line they lived in might suddenly triggered a big earthquake and they were not aware of the data that earthquake more likely to happen once in decades.

There was in total of over nine thousand of people being burried in Nepal earthquake 2015 death toll in the totally destroyed houses in Nepal. Furthermore, some casualties were from neighboring countries. Casualties were also caused by landslides on Everest mountain. The total destruction were large.

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