Nepal Earthquake 2015 Magnitude Dimension

nepal aftershock

Measuring Nepal earthquake 2015 magnitude, that was in magnitude of 7.8-7.9. On Saturday, 25 April 2015, that was 80 kilometers northwest, Kathmandu. That one made it the second largest earthquake that struck their capital city. It caused thousands of deaths, damaged or destroyed half million houses. The aftershocks were also experienced nearby countries such as India, Bangladesh, China and Bhutan.

nepal quake

In Nepal, there was also aftershock measured in 7.4 Magnitude that caused approximately 200 deaths and injured more than a thousand people. That happened on the following weeks after the first quake which were on Tuesday, 12 May 2015. This aftershock was happened in 83 kilometers east side of their main city. That was within 2 weeks after the first 7.8 quake struck west side of their mainland. This further triggered avalanche nearby Everest Mountain and killed about more than 100 individuals.

nepal aftershock

In total, the quake had killed more than thousands of Nepalese people. There were 5 aftershocks with magnitude between 5.6 towards 7.4. The aftershocks had reached India weeks after the first one hit Nepal. The aftershock also happened in Bihar, India in 5.7 Magnitude on Saturday, 16 May 2015. In the last time, Nepal was struck by Nepal earthquake 1934 measured in 8.4 Magnitude, the biggest one within a century in Nepal. The 2015 earthquake was 7.9 Magnitude. This 2015 earthquake came with less magnitude, but it could have much more casualties than the one in 1934. It was causing 9018 casualties in 2015 compared to 8500 casualties in 1934.

With the power of 7.9 Magnitude, people could actually be seriously threatened by the result of ground shaking. There was a lot of destruction because the earthquake delivered a shock wave that destroyed everything in the land including houses, roads as well as land on the mountain (landslides). People might not be aware of the power of 7.9 Magnitude earthquake before it took place within their territory.

The major shock which was 7.9 Magnitude was followed by lesser magnitude in different location of Nepal and nearby countries. The less magnitude meant that the hazard of earthquake still was available to threaten. Those earthquakes with less magnitude would still be dangerous for the Nepalese people but not as dangerous as the first quake.

The Nepal Earthquake 2015 and Aftershocks Magnitude

The second quake in 7.4 Magnitude had killed 117 people over their land. When there was a recovery from the first quake, they later were struck by the second quake that also reached the nearby location such as India.

The aftershocks actually happened following the first quake happened in a large magnitude. Therefore, the aftershocks were more likely to happen afterwards. The casualties were seen in the Indian city which was Bihar caused by aftershocks, the Everest Mountain caused by landslides.

The Nepal has been really in a location within seismic danger as in 1934 a powerful 8.4 Magnitude earthquake destroyed the mainland. The 2015 earthquake was different event with that past earthquake because the past earthquake was more powerful than recent earthquake. From this observation, it can be concluded that those events in both years gave a sign that Nepal was indeed becoming one of the major nations having large seismic activity.

Besides, through history the mountain Himalayan also was formed after 50 million years of processes in the earth’s crust movement. Nepal earthquake 2015 magnitude was really devastating.

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