Nepal Earthquake 2015 Causes

nepal earthquake 2015
Nepal Earthquake Epicenter

Nepal Earthquake 2015 was an earthquake with 7.8 Magnitude that struck the Nepal nation, as well as nearby countries within April 2015 and claimed so many lives as many as thousands of casualties. The earthquake has occurred in most of countries places nearby Himalayan Mountain on Saturday, 25 April 2015.

Actually the earthquake happened to be the worst ever since the previous earthquake hit within 81 years ago. Although it had been a long time since Nepal has encountered earthquake disaster before, specialists actually has warned that the same earthquake might happen again.

The effect of 7.8 Magnitude earthquake also triggered avalanches in Everest Mountain, the highest mountain on earth, which caused deaths of the people on the camping tent. That tragedy brought about so much pain to the families that were left behind as well as the people that got injured through the day. People might be unprepared for such this tragedy because Nepal has not experienced like this before since a long time ago. There were aftershock earthquakes in the following next two weeks.A professional had compared the power of that earthquake to approximately a hundred million tons of explosive materials.

nepal earthquake 2015
Nepal Earthquake Epicenter

The Nepal nation was located on the plate border of Indian and Asian plate in which the Indian plate moved to the north on a pace of a couple of inch a year. On the plate boundary is where most earthquakes occur. Those plates were made of hard stones inside the earth’s crust so that they produced very high tension on the plate borders and resulted in the earthquake that happened in Saturday, 25 April.

Nepal is located in the border of India and China. Nepal Earthquake featured power of 7.8 Magnitude that murdered more than eight thousand people, injured thousands, and destroyed houses and facilities.

Nepal is located between Indian and Eurasianplate borders which the Indian plate pushed in about two inches per year. That earthquake was as result of plate crash between Indian and Eurasian plate that have pushed each other since decades and the accumulation of stresses.

convergent or divergent
Plate Borders

In the past centuries, of the Indian and Eurasian plate that crashed has triggered ground rocks to elevate about 6 miles to the atmosphere and formed the top of the Himalayan mountain range. Aftershocks also have been experienced through New Delhi, India and triggered landslide in the south of Everest Mountain nearby the tent.

The related past earthquake of this event was that earthquake in 1931 that recorded in 8.4 magnitude, happened in sixty miles off shore. The earthquake could destroy all materials foundation in the epicenter range above the focus.

Earthquake happened deep underground where the earth’s crust was made of hard stones. The event of the earthquake caused by plate crashes was hard to detect and could be predicted because the depth of the earthquake was far beneath the ground and the grounds floor of the earth’s crust was made of hard pieces of rocks that would be the matter of time when it could be broken.

In fact, the underlying issues for possible earthquake disaster throughout the Nepal Earthquake 2015 had been spotted long before the earthquake of 7.8 magnitude happened, but the earthquake sensor that had been located could not predict the actual time and location when the potential big earthquake could happen.

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