nepal earthquake effects

Nepal Earthquake Effects

The seismic activities have for Nepal earthquake effects presented danger in domestic location as well as foreign locations. In the local and foreign territory, it has caused about more than deaths of earthquake in 1934.

The effect of Nepal earthquake was sensed outside of Nepal such as Pakistan, India, Tibet and Bangladesh.

nepal earthquake effect

The story of Nepal earthquake has been included in the news around the world. The aid medication was coming from the nations around the world.

What happened in Nepal was truly reflecting the earthquake event that happened in location of seismic activity.

Actually one of the hazards of earthquake was presented on that occurrence such as avalanche. Avalanche brought on dropping of land of the mountain of Everest.

In the Himalayan mountainous area nearby location of Nepal, Nepal was threatened by seismic activities on the earth’s ground.

Even more, that crust under the earth floor surrounding Nepal had been characterized by the rocky mountain of Himalayan mountain and the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest.

Nepal Earthquake Effect

Because the massive quake, location in capital city of India, New Delhi, also was affected by the quake and that generated further deaths. The hardest affected part of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake was inside Nepal main city, Kathmandu followed by location affected by landslides and nearby nations such as India, and other nations.

Overall, the quake and aftershocks in one period of times brought about thousands of deaths, hundreds of million houses destroyed.

Nepalese or domestic people who lived outside the country also made a way to contact for their relatives and families as well as people they know. From the recent news, actually, Google and Facebook already established the interaction so that people outside Nepal were able to search for people in the earthquake-effected location such as Nepal. This was the way to facilitate better communication.

The Nepal earthquake effect in 2015 had the most serious and most severe damage inside and outside of Nepal that was reflected on the total casualties.

The result of the earthquake also triggered avalanche on mountain Everest. As well, the mountain was decreased on the height overall by several inches.  This was believed by the scientist it was caused by the movement of the crust of the earth.

Nepal was used to be an ancient city where ancient tower and structure built. In the post earthquake, much of the ancient builds were flattened with the ground and remained not much than rubbles.

Government had stated that there could be in need for billion of money to restructure and build the wreckage houses as well as many hospital buildings. That could take years ahead.

The famous ancient tower and structure was affected by the earthquake in 1934. Once it had been renovated, it now has been in total mess of debris.

Along with that hundreds of ancient temples, statues were also wrecked by the quake.

It has been a place for Buddhist people in Tibet to visit among the ancient temples in Nepal. The Nepal earthquake effects was tremendous given that those housing structures in Nepal were not built in resistance to large quake.

Clear evident of effect of the earthquake in Nepal was that the houses were partly or even totally wrecked by the quake itself.

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