Nepal Earthquake Fault And Important Factors

tectonic plate convergent
Nepal's Plate Movement

Nepal Earthquake Fault has been the cause of the Nepal earthquake in April 2015. Nepal Earthquake 2015 happened as there was rupture in the fault lines underneath Nepal capital city, Kathmandu. It was the same as the earthquake eighty one years ago, within 1934. Nepal’s earthquake fault within 1934 had ruptured that generated an earthquake with a power of 8.4 Magnitude and took about 8500 lives as well as destroying eighty thousand houses. That 1934 earthquake was the last earthquake that hit the Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu.

Nepal was among one of the major countries prone to earthquake disaster because of not only the tectonic plates’ crushes, but also the type of the fault that Nepal resides in. Nepal earthquake was happened in 80 kilometers northwest of Kathmandu. The area that was affected was about 200 kilometers from the earthquake epicenter. That was two hundred and fifty larger than Christchurch earthquake in 2011.

The fault in Nepal was a type of thrust fault. How do the earthquake happen in Nepal? Thrust fault happens when one of the tectonic plates which is Indian tectonic plates pushed beneath another tectonic plate which is Eurasian tectonic plate.

nepal earthquake fault
Road Damage

Unfortunately, Nepal was in a region that was prone to the earthquake. Earthquake could kill as many as thousands of lives in a dangerous active fault line. Therefore the type of the Nepal Earthquake’s Fault was the cause for the big Nepal Earthquake 2015.

The most notable result of the tectonic plate crushes in that region within thousands of years was the top of Himalayan Mountain which peaked over 1400 meters high. The fault type underneath Nepal region was thrust fault which was responsible for big earthquakes around the world that could as well trigger tsunami from the sea. Therefore, the fault was considered to be the cause of big 7.8 magnitude earthquake. With that regard, Nepal was in the same danger as other major earthquake-prone countries in the world. As a result, that damage of the Nepal Earthquake 2015 was indeed considered to be the largest in the region and that required many years for Nepal to recover from that earthquake.

The Nepal fault was mainly found throughout Himalayan mountain range as there was brought on the stresses that were produced by the crushes of tectonic plates mainly Indian as well as Eurasian plates.

tectonic plate convergent
Nepal’s Plate Movement

The accumulation of stresses given that the earth’s crust that has been divided in large plates called the tectonic plates that moved in the same direction had been saved for many years before and suddenly they were released which cracked throughout the fault line beneath Kathmandu and as well as in region nearby Nepal.

Therefore, the fault was responsible as the cause of the earthquakes that happened in Nepal within a century. That is why Nepal is among the major country prone to big earthquake in the world. It claimed as many as thousands of lives after the big earthquake with strength of 7.8 Magnitude hit nearby Kathmandu and countries close to Nepal.

There was late response to a big earthquake because Nepal was not prepared for a big earthquake-like disaster. It was the same as in other countries that were located in the thrust fault line underground whether in the land or in the ocean. As well, Nepal earthquake fault was just beneath the Kathmandu, the most inhabited city in Nepal.

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