Nepal Earthquake Prediction Factor

nepal before after
Before and After Earthquake

In fact, 2015 Nepal earthquake prediction had been made due to Nepal is considered among the major earthquake-prone countries in the world. The earthquake in Nepal occurred because of the “thrust fault”. The thrust fault was indeed reaction of the thrust or push of two tectonic plates which are Indian plate under Eurasian plate as much as 45 mm annually or in about 2 inches a year.

The earthquake trembled Kathmandu as well as in the main of Nepal nation. That earthquake was also experienced in four neighboring countries. That was the most terrifying earthquake that happened in South Asian countries except earthquake in Pakistan.

The earthquake in Nepal that happened in year of 1934 has brought on thousands of deaths (about 8500 casualties) but the Nepal earthquake 2015 has caused more deaths than that earthquake 81 years ago. The location of earthquake focus and epicenter was nearby the Himalayan mountain range that was formed as a result of fifty million years of tectonic plate crushes mainly Indian as well as Eurasian plates.

More than fifteen aftershocks were registered in range of 6-7 Richter scale. The aftershocks were also experienced in nearby country such as Indian major cities.

nepal before earthquake
The Himalaya Mountain

In part, the source of the Nepal earthquake was originated from the plate boundaries of Indian as well as Eurasian plates that crushed and built up tension over decades. Then, the result of kept tension was eventually released free in a form of shock wave such as earthquake. The cause also was originated from the type of the fault which has been a thrust fault eventually was the cause for the big earthquake. The quake was caused by the tension released by the thrust fault.

However, the percentage of the Nepal earthquake fault that had fallen could be just a little. Like said before, the prediction for the big earthquake has been actually established due to the thrust fault which stored tension over decades. The fear was that this type of fault could produce release of the built-up tension for ages. Thrust fault has been the major cause for powerful earthquakes in the region.

More than a hundred million people across the region felt the earthquake as well as the aftershocks. There has been more than two months that the aftershocks have occurred. The quake then also triggered avalanches on the highest mountain in the world, which is the Mount of Everest.

The Making of Nepal Earthquake Prediction

There has been a long time journey that the geologists made endeavor to make prediction about when the fault in Nepal would fall. However, the prediction was indeed failed to be realized. There has been actually a failure on the effort of making such prediction for the time it would occur.

nepal before after
Before and After Earthquake

The Nepal nation belonged to the major earthquake-prone countries in the world based on the history that a big earthquake that happened in 1931. Although it has been feared that the accumulation of tension was built up since that time, the way of predicting earthquake was not an accurate enough to predict such a big event of powerful earthquake. The Nepal earthquake prediction done by the seismologists was mainly based on the type of thrust fault in the Nepal rested at.

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