nepal earthquake risk

Nepal Earthquake Risk

Nepal Earthquake risk was inferred to large seismic risk for the Nepal nation that was characterized on the situation of Nepal built construction in resistance to earthquake. The seismic risk can be the danger to be experienced during the earthquake strikes. The large seismic situation such as in Nepal brought on more dangerous impact on to Nepal including the type of construction built within Nepal.

The earthquake risk included the deaths that were faced when people were trapped and dropped by ceiling as well as walls in a low constructed building structure.

The high hills in Himalayan Mountain and Tibet are a perfect example for a type of risk of earthquake such as avalanches.


nepal earthquake risk


When there was earthquake hitting Nepal in April 2015, tens of thousands of houses were toppled down and eliminated over thousands of Nepalese people, tens of people in Indian country as well as people on mount of Everest. There were hundreds of thousands of people getting injured as well.

The destruction in the regards of earthquake within April 2015 was the biggest in decades since 1934 when a large earthquake with 8+ Magnitude struck the region of Nepal.

There was a fact that Nepal could expect two big earthquakes of more than 7.5 magnitude until 8 magnitude in once in every four decades than one large earthquake in 8+ magnitude in Richter scale in once in every four decades. The data was accurate but the prediction was not available then.

What Has Contributed To Nepal Earthquake?

nepal earthquake risk

The much bigger risk regarding the earthquake was mainly faced by the volume of society in urbanization centralized in Nepal capital city, Kathmandu as well as the little development on the city of the Kathmandu.

Unfortunately, Kathmandu was built on old structures that were not resistant to a powerful earthquake. The houses accommodation was not in line with the country’s seismic location such as one of the country’s most prone to earthquake.

There were on average of two million people residing in all Nepal territories.

However, very few people in Nepal were aware that Nepal was part of the most dangerous seismic location in the world.

Other natural disaster in Nepal such as floods, fires, landslides could be result in fatality and as dangerous as the earthquake risks but the earthquake-related disaster could be more lethal and extremely dangerous because the reality of accommodation that Nepalese people had have been just old enough and the condition of the seismic location where the Nepal was located in has been active and dynamic.

Those factors of the accommodation condition combined with the large seismic activity resulted in large seismic risk that had put the Nepalese people in danger.

The large seismic process underneath Nepal has become nepal earthquake risk that produced large destruction throughout the main city of Nepal, neighboring countries in Nepal as well as landslides on Everest Mountain given that the zero or low awareness of the Nepal country as well as zero preparation towards the biggest earthquake risk and threats.

There was a fact as well that the aim of prediction towards the earthquake could not be expected to gain from.

The fatality was believed much more than thousand of people.

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