Facts Of Pakistan’s Earthquake In 2005

pakistan earthquake 2005

pakistan earthquake 2005

In 2005, Pakistan earthquake 2005 happened on the morning of the 8th of October. With a size of 7.6 magnitude, there was a quake hit around north Pakistan. Precisely located in the epicenter 19 kilometers southwest of the city of Kashmir. Areas affected are Muzaffarabad, Kashmir, Pakistan, Kashmir India and in a province of southwestern areas. In addition to Pakistan area, the earthquake also damaged neighboring countries, namely Afghanistan and northern India.

This earthquake resulted in so many casualties, a large number of injured victims of disaster, huge economic losses and severe damages. There was a minimum of about 85 thousand dead victims affected. Besides, about 3 million people were affected by this natural disaster becoming homeless. Apart from that, about a hundred thousand people to two hundred thousand people were becoming injured.

The great number of fatalities was as a result of the earthquake depth that was shallow that the epicenter was place for many of the inhabitants in the area of the city. The depth that the earthquake occurred was at about 26 kilometers below the ground surface. The epicenter was in Muzaffarabad. Schools environment were many that became collapsed resulting in thirty five thousands of children becoming casualties. As much as 11 thousand children became orphan.

How did Earthquakes Occur in Pakistan?

Kashmir is located on top of the active geological zones. The rocks underground was easily become a place for accumulation of tension due to the collision of two active geological fault. It is located on the border of two tectonic plates that are colliding which are Indian plate and Eurasian plate. Indian plate was thrust under the Eurasian plate. In an environmental geologically active thrust fault of Eurasian and Indian place are active tectonic plates that caused the formation of Himalayan since millions years ago.

The condition of geology makes the seismic activity in the area of Kashmir, Pakistan is so active. Material losses were estimated at around 5 billion US dollars. The situation was chaotic as a result of this disaster made the economic situation in Pakistan earthquake 2005 to decline.

Pakistan’s economy in 2005 was initially increased and became lowered that made this country among the list of failed states in the world in 2006. The quake Pakistan was in 7.6 moment magnitude has made it the biggest earthquake since over a hundred year.

The Damage

According to the authorities there were about hundreds of thousand homes, six thousand schools and hundreds of hospitals buildings were damaged. Besides, as long as thousands of kilometers roads were damaged and around a maximum of 70 percent of water supply, water sanitation, energy and telephone utilities became not functioned. This condition had made the people with no house living without basic necessities such as food and clean water.

Approximately one year later there were about 1.8 million people still did not have a permanent home and has been neglected. That was as a result of the access being hampered because of the landslides in which the mountainous areas were tremendously badly hit.

Afterwards, there were 2000 aftershocks counted. That was great devastation in Pakistan earthquake 2005 as result of the 7.6 shallow earthquake after among the largest earthquake in the world and tsunami in Indian Ocean that hit the south easth Asian country such as Indonesia.

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