Pacific Ring Of Fire Earthquakes


Ring of fire earthquakes that occurred this year was the earthquakes that occurred with different time of just 32 hours which were in Ecuador, South America on Saturday Night and in Japan in East Asia on Saturday mornings and Thursday of April 2016. However the two are believed not related to each other. The related thins were just that both occurred in the same area that is ring of fire. Hundreds have been casualties and there were wounded victims from Thursday and Saturday mornings earthquakes in Japan and Saturday night earthquake in Ecuador.

When you hear the earthquake that occurred in the ring of fire such as Japan. It was rocked by earthquake in the year 2011. We did not think that there would be a tsunami. A tsunami is a wave of the sea that moves with a speed of more than 700 kilometers per hour. At the time of the earthquake occurred in the shore of Japan, tsunami brought the ocean waves with more than 5 kilometers height to Japan mainland.

Pacific ring of fire area includes the under the ocean of the northern part and the southern part of United States going to New Zealand and up onto Japan with an area of 25,000 miles. In the ring of fire, there are 75 percent of all the volcanoes in the world. There is 90 percent of the earthquakes of all that exists in the world in the seismic zone. Ring of fire earthquakes can happen everywhere but most are so small that they cannot be felt by human.

What Causes Earthquakes in Ring of Fire?

Ring of fire is a chain of volcanoes that form the Pacific circle as a horseshoe along Pacific ocean. This area is the area where the biggest earthquakes occurred and the most active volcanoes and in the world are located. This is caused due to the tectonic plates that are in the earth’s crust. The area then is known as the Pacific ring of fire.

When the plates move past or slide horizontally between one another, it causes most of them are caught. Eventually, this led to the pressure that causes the rocks to slip or rupture that causes earthquakes. Volcanoes are formed due to the smashing plates at convergent plate boundaries through subduction.

Eighty percent of the largest earthquakes recorded in history occurred along the ring of fire. The strongest earthquake so far was 9.5 magnitude earthquake happened in Chile in 1960. The most important earthquakes in history around the ring of fire were the earthquakes sized around 9.2 magnitude that occurred in Alaska in 1964 in Prince William Sound, the earthquake sized at 9.1 magnitude that hit the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia in 2004 and countries in South and South East Asia and the earthquake in Japan in 2011 with size of 9.0 magnitude.

The attention on this seismic area was increasing because of the seismic activity rise in the world lately. In addition to the existence of concern with the increasing volcanic and seismic activities, millions of people are living in the ring of fire area and the area is attracting the attention of many newcomers. In the news about the increased volcanic activity, there were 25 volcanic mountains erupted in the ring of fire earthquakes. The rising earthquakes activity can indicate that the increase of seismic activity or earthquake zone.


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