San Andreas Fault Earthquake Prediction

san andreas fault earthquake prediction

san andreas fault earthquake prediction

The main consideration about San Andreas fault earthquake prediction is any earthquake today could be the result of previous ones. In the sense that when an earthquake happen in a considerably huge strength level then its massive force of vibration would have been destroyed any nearby substratums. Cracks are to happen at all weak joints of underground soil and stone layers.

As a matter of fact we are now coming to a critical end of potential fault earthquake due to the so many technical reasons as mentioned in earlier articles. Many scientists of geology discipline have to get more worry about the possibility of massive devastating disaster to happen more frequently. Indeed it has already begun since like at least 3 decades ago.

When you are a geologist yourself then you are aware of this fact that one after another natural disasters happened in a tighter frequency.

Unfortunately we can say there is no self healing for these cracks and the fact is they are just getting worse because of super high pressure of natural gas that is trapped in large pockets layers. Slowly the substratum layers are deformed while the cracks are spread along either by transversal or longitudinal energy waves.

It is again a matter of time when and where the next fault earthquake to happen i.e. where the natural gas pressure reach the limit to explode the weakened substratum layers. According to many scientists, this tendency of getting worse in nature destruction caused by earthquake, flood and global warming is hard to stop now. However we can minimize the risk of the effect by preparing ourselves and taking steps in immediate situation. When emergency happen, it is good to have an earthquake kit.

What is the Meaning of San Andreas Fault Earthquake?

San Andreas fault can be assumed as the longest one as it extends more than 1,200 kilometres all over through California region and the most exciting point is that its strike tends to be in horizontal pattern which is said to be more destructive although the fault earthquake is considered below a danger level. A long earthquake monitoring log has shown that clearly thus San Andreas fault earthquake prediction can be issued in most accurate reality. It is well known that North American to Pacific plate are the most unique earthquake areas to be studied. Earthquake news is never be a break news in these regions as local resident get used to earthquake since they were born there.

You may compare the similar situation to Japan earthquake which topography is inevitable to have earthquake on regular basis. A vivid clue of fault earthquake prediction is that the more frequent it is to happen at various level of destructive power. Scientists would put a good record on slightest fault earthquake as it is the only way to be able to issue as accurate prediction as possible. San Andreas fault earthquake is used as a reference to predict where and how strong a coming earthquake to happen. This is possible as epicentrums are indeed connected one to another like a spider web.

San Andreas Fault Earthquake Prediction vs Earthquake Drill

It is a common thing for people who live in area with high frequency of earthquake strike to have their own earthquaker devices which are to signal early warning of potential earthquake strike. There are several kind of earthquaker devices quality in the sense about their sensitivity. The more sensitive the more expensive it is, as to comply to basic economic law. It is interesting to understand how these earthquaker devices really work as the fact is they signal an earthquake many hours before the real happening spread in earthquake news. Only when you stay in such an area with high frequency of earthquake then you can tell how important it is to have a reliable earthquake early alarm system in your house and properties.

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