Prediction That San Andreas Fault Is Ready To Fall

san andreas fault is ready to fall

San Andreas Fault is ready to fall zone is the most famous fault system which ever became known in the history of the US because of the devastation and great flame created by large earthquake happened in San Francisco within 1906. The fault line has created bad history in the US in the 1906. When the fault slipped it created large damage on whole city in San Francisco and flames that burn down the city in 1906.

san andreas fault is ready to fall

In the 2015, San Andreas Fault has been made for a movie titled San Andreas movie. In the film, it is told that San Andreas fault creates massive earthquake and tsunami that torn the US apart and results in a powerful natural disaster and sink the US Island.

Indeed, it has been predicted that a large earthquake will occur in the US that is called “the big one”. The cause is the San Andreas faut. San Andreas fault line has also caused Loma Prieta earthquake, second biggest earthquake in 1989 that occurred in North California. It created total loss of damage valued at over 5 billion in structure damages.

Earthquake Prediction

Earthquake prediction is a term that has been used by the seismologists in predicting the size, when, where earthquake will occur. Despite the earthquake is uncertain, the prediction is made by the specialists that the fault could cause large earthquakes above Magnitude 8. Recently, geologist experts expressed that a large earthquake would occur in San Andreas fault zone. Most earthquakes occurred because the fault slip. San Andreas Fault is located in California state where great number of people live. In the earthquake prediction expressed by the geologists, the san andreas fault was locked up, carried and ready to fall out. The probability of earthquake that has been predicted triggers concern of most people living in the state that the earthquake can be happened.

Similar prediction in almost geologists, what is called a monster earthquake may be possible to happen. Like geologists, earthquake prediction was expressed by seismologists. A major earthquake which resulted in a major disaster may be happened in California. However, seismologists said the quake and tsunami scenes as told in the movie San Andreas will not likely to happen.

The prediction was based on the gap of time that the fault that has not broken. The risk of the San Andreas fault is ready to fall is ready to roll as predicted. Since the fault system is located in California, earthquakes have been mainly produced in California and Los Angeles.

Since earthquake has potential damage to California state and surrounding, the geological service in US has installed earthquake sensor in any places in states of the US. It means that the detection of large earthquakes can be known before the shock waves create damages on any buildings that harm the citizens.

Natural Disaster

Earthquake can not be prevented and prepared using right steps, planning and earthquake emergency kit to minimize its danger and hazard. Earthquake is caused by the movement of tectonic plates located on the outer surface of the earth, earth’s crust which are north america and pacific plates. The tectonic plates motion along the San Andreas fault is about 2 inches per year. Type of San Andreas fault is ready to fall is strike-slip which is lateral motion of fault blocks.

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