Box Office Movie Of San Andreas Fault In 2015


Watching movies might be one of the most exciting things that you can do in your spare time. There are so many people who love to watch movies these days. Some people might see movies on the theaters while others might watch movies on their home through cable TV or DVD players. You also can find so many genres of movies that you can choose these days from drama, action, even to horror. Some moves are made based on true stories while others might use actual events or subjects as the base of the story. Among so many movies that are released these days, San Andreas Fault movie might be one of the most interesting disaster movies that have ever made. This movie is made based on the famous San Andreas Fault that is located on California.

Interesting Movie about Disaster


San Andreas Fault is one of the most interesting sites that you can find in California. This area becomes the main inspiration for action disaster movie called San Andreas. This movie is released on 2015 and gets so many attentions from moviegoers. Basically, the story in San Andreas Fault movie is about an earthquake disaster that is caused by the activities of the San Andreas Fault. This movie is directed by Brad Payton and brings famous casts such as Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Ioan Gruffudd, and Alexandra Daddario. The storyline of this movie is set several hours after the tragic earthquake that occur in California. This earthquake is triggered by the activity of San Andreas Fault and it’s occurred on the scale of 9.0 magnitudes. In this movie, Dwayne Johnson played a character of a rescue chopper pilot who flies across the state on a quest of saving his daughter. The daughter is played by Alexandra Daddario.

Amazing Special Effects

The strong element of this movie is definitely its story. People are usually getting easily connected with this type of story, story that is filled with adventures and heroism. In this movie, you will witness the heroism of Dwayne Johnson who takes all the risk in order to save Alexandra Daddario. As action movies, this movie also has so many breathtaking scenes that will make you more excited. Other great thing about San Andreas Fault movie is its special effects. The CGI that is made to describe the destruction that is caused by the earthquake is totally marvelous. No wonder this movie brings so many people to the theaters. It has great storyline and amazing visuals.

Watch the Movie on Your Home

Since this movie is released on 2015, you might not be able to find this movie on the theater anymore. However, if you haven’t seen this movie, now you can watch it on your home. All you need to do is purchasing the San Andreas Fault movie DVD or BluRay disc. You can find BluRay disc or DV of this movie easily on the stores these days. If you don’t want to buy DVD or BluRay disc of this movie, you still can watch it on the cable TV. This movie also can be found online on several official websites that allow visitors to watch movie online on their PC or gadget.

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