San Andreas Fault In The Us

san andreas fault

San Andreas fault in the US is the lengthiest fault zone in the world. The length of it is 800 mils through the US. It crosses the winery, railways, infrastructure and also the water system. The fault line starts from Salton Sea on the south to Cape Mendocino in the north. Every day, there are individuals that do regular activities over it. Even there are 900 road routes across the lines every day. There is a tendency of people that there will be the big one in the future in relation with the earthquake.

san andreas fault

The cracks line is visible on the map. The 1906 San Francisco earthquake was the worst tragedy in the US caused by this San Andreas fault line. It damaged the entire city and burned with fire from the broken fire pipes.

There may be a recurring moment of the past earthquakes in this fault line that can be a major earthquake in the US. This fault is still active provided that the North American and the Pacific tectonic plate movement in steady every year. That is what scary to everyone in the United States. The fault is strike slip which the movement of two tectonic plates past each other.

Label of San Andreas Fault

The label of San Andreas Fault in the US was originated from a dangerous name of Saint Andrew. The past earthquake a century ago may have passed. However, the seismic movement in the fault zone is still active. That may surprise to anyone. Like the earthquake happened in Hayward fault, the geological process of the fault can be broken. The prediction of the fault that is due to be broken is actually released in the news recently. The news is released after the geologist and scientist evualuated about the fault. The article about San Andreas Fault is about to fall is also provided.

We can not underestimate this phenomena because the natural disaster is at anytimes or anywhere can happen. No one can predict it or prevent it. It is a nature. We can only prepare as much as possible.

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