Facts Of San Francisco Earthquake In 1906

san francisco earthquake 1906 facts

Most San Francisco inhabitant would have to say they want to just forget the mourning morning at 1906. Many of them so for those of you who are interested in earthquake, you are very lucky if you can meet one of them who are still alive today and can tell you the tragedy precisely. San Francisco Earthquake 1906 facts are categorized as one of the most lethal natural disaster between others i.e. wildfire, flood, volcano eruption etc.

The most interesting fact of San Francisco Earthquake 1906 is that many of the living witnesses would say it happened just like that in the blink of an eye. No early warning from earthquake monitoring system or other natural signs of an earthquake to happen. It stroke just like that. Take toll of many lives as well as massive destruction all over the region.

san francisco earthquake 1906 facts

This fact led a new homework to scientists to find out how come none of those nearby earthquake early warning system functioned as they were designed for? Theories arose as well as blurred physical search trial on the remaining equipments. It is interesting to understand that so far the result of the earthquake investigation is a somehow questionable theories. Then we want to realize that it was such a mysterious natural disaster to happen that day.

Real actions to avoid another San Francisco 1906 earthquake.

Earthquake is something nobody wants to experience so it is the most less talk about topic. From this fact we want to thank to scientists who keep on to investigate, monitor and study earthquake. That is to as much as possible avoid similar lethal disaster. The fact is there is an ongoing massive experiments involving latest technologies to create a more accurate earthquake alarm system.

Today it is a common thing to talk about aerospace as well as satellite etc. It is interesting to know that today scientists utilize outer space communication satellite to map and monitor earth layers. The shocking fact is the movement reading accuracy could be as much as a few millimeters. From such a distance, to read earth layers movements which are normally a few kilometers deep down from earth surface is something magical to most of us.

Earthquake detector and early warning system has reached a new sophisticated level. The are finely selected operators who are to stay in specially designed booth equipped with telecommunication systems integrated to worldwide data bases in remote areas. Some of them are beyond our imagination as it could be as far as at arctic area. We want to realize this action happen which only by then we can appreciate one’s hard effort to save other peoples lives. San Francisco earthquake 1906 facts are not easily forgotten by the people.

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