What Is The Risk For Earthquake In Seattle?


Recently, Seattle earthquake risk has been becoming the trending topic in the news and the media. Some scientists and geologists say that inevitable earthquake is going to destroy Seattle. Many people who live in Seattle also has been warned and terrified. They already prepare what they are going to do when the ‘Big One’ comes. But the other Seattle experts of earthquake make sure that to Seattle residents that the things will not be as bad as the rumor has said.

The main concern of the ‘Big One’ in Seattle

There is an article in certain media that raised questions about how Seattle would prepare and face during the ‘Big One’. The questions were answered by three experts. They are Debbie Goets who is the Seattle Emergency Management Office, Sandi Doughton who is the Seattle Times Science Writer and John Vidale who is the director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic. Rumor that spreads all over the media is about the 100-foot wave that is going to sweep through the city. But actually, this wave will not be the real concern and problem for the Emerald City.

Doughton said that the tsunami is not the main concern we should afraid of to be happened in Seattle. He also wrote that when the swell gets in Seattle, it will not be that massive and relatively small. We should pay attention to the quake itself that can trigger the landslides in Seattle that can be the reason of localized swamping.

The other major as the main concern is Seattle’s transportation routes. Even though many bridges here have been designed to deal with any damage and risk of an earthquake that may happen, there are still hundreds of bridges vulnerable.

He added that the estimate of resilience plan in Washington can be months before all main transport routes can be reopened. But, the emergency routes will be opened for public before that. The inspectors of the bridge will be one of the first responders who check for minor cracks that can lead to significance failures and damage after the quake.

The time transportation down

When we all know that one of the major concerns is the transportation routes, the supplies are going to be tighter with transportation down. The recommendation from the Seattle Emergency Management Office, Goetz, is that the Seattle residents should keep a 7 to 10 day food supplies as well as water. Some supplies for a major earthquake also need to be kept at work and in their car.

Besides preparing their supplies, he also encouraged people to discuss about their plans to face this anticipated natural disaster. He emphasized that the residents should discuss about the communication which can be very effective for the rescue team and between family members. How can they get back together? Where will they be? Where can they meet if it is not at home?


All residents in Seattle should prepare and be more aware about the Seattle earthquake risk. So, when the time comes and they’ve been warned, they are all ready and not be panic. You can also see about earthquake in SF

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