How To Prepare For Today’s Earthquake Activity


Today’s earthquake activity should make you aware of yourself and your family. Because so many earthquake disasters happen suddenly around the world without warning, that means you need your own preparation to face the worst risk of earthquake. On this note, we will explain to you some tips how to prepare and make sure you will always be safe in a sudden earthquake :


–  As a first tips to know, even if the earthquake is not happening, you need to prepare the safest places by identifying them. You can locate it by knowing the function. For example, you know by protecting yourself under table can be first move when the earthquake happens. Or maybe you can check the part of your home when the material or object is so strong for your best place to survive. Also don’t lock your doors and windows in meantime when there is a possibility an earthquake can happen. Maybe you can get out quick when there is no safe place inside your room.

–  You have important things inside your home but there is a warning about earthquake? Make sure to keep your important things in good place or maybe in another place outside your home. For example, money, jewelry or antique displays might really fragile especially if the earthquake happens in your city. To avoid risk and protect your important things, make sure to keep it in another place such as bank or strong building (or room) where you know the risk is less to get broken. Basement area, for example, is a good idea to protect your important things.

–  Turning off all electricity, water and gas machines if there is a warning before earthquake occurs. Also prepare important things such as flashlight (if you are trapped inside your home or building when the earthquake happens), emergency foods and aid kit as your first help. And don’t forget to know the emergency number if you need a help before or after the earthquake.

–  During an earthquake, if you are inside your home, make sure to find your safe place such as under the table or place where there is no heavy things and furnitures around you. Avoid heavy furnitures such as cabinets, television and many other things. Wait until the earthquake stops.

–  If you are outside when the earthquake happens, better to avoid standing near a building, bars or heavy objects. Find exterior place with strong wall to protect yourself or on the street to make sure there will be no objects fall into you.

In the end, so important to know every steps to protect yourself from the earthquake. Being aware and always put attention around your place. Another vital point is to keep informing your family members so they can also aware of each other when earthquake can incidentally happens. Most often, some people don’t know or don’t think about the preparation for the worst risk but actually, it is really important to understand and think it, starting from now. After all, we totally hope you will always be safe and  there will be no today’s earthquake activity anymore!

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