Volcano In Iceland Is Dangerous?

volcano in Iceland

volcano in Iceland had erupted. The volcano is actually located in the ice glacier and the volcano is called Efjafjalla glacier meaning island mountain glacier. Eyjafjallajökull is the name of one of volcano in Iceland that was erupted on the year of 2010. It was frightening the air traffic to be disrupted by the ash clouds mass debit.

There is an island with many volcanoes positioned in the land that could actually endanger the people outside its region. That one island is Iceland. The Island of Icelandis regarded of part of the most active volcanic places in the world. In the time that is about 5 years in the past.

The story back in the past of tectonic plates in this location is proved evidence that the plate tectonics (North American and Eurasia plate) under this island which moved in a pace of 1 to 5 centimeters a year sets apart in forming a constructive boundary divergent causing cracks zone that later is to be called the Mid Atlantic Ridge. The Mid Atlantic Ridge is a zone of crack caused by the separation of the North American plate shifting to the west and the Eurasia plate shifting to the east. There was happened millions of years ago.

The Mid Atlantic Ridge itself is located on the Atlantic Ocean. The Iceland Island that is located on the separation zone, actually offer a chance to the people to walk on the different tectonic plates at once. When on the Westside is set the North American plate and on the Eastside is set the Eurasia plate.

The volcanoes in Iceland were formed through the molten rocks in the earth’s crust to be pulled up from its cracked zone of the Mid Atlantic Ridge and set a new sea floor. Then the new formed sea floor got bigger and formed a new island towards above the sea level. Iceland was formed and the volcanoes in Iceland were created across the Mid Atlantic Ridge along the boundary of constructive divergent tectonic plates that set apart.

volcano in Iceland

When the volcano in Iceland which is Eyjafjallajökull exploded and released a high amount of ash clouds in 6 kilometers high onto the air. Those clouds were causing disruptions on most European countries airplane companies. As a result, there were a lot of flight departures schedule during the blocking ash clouds in the atmosphere in territory of Europe that were canceled to wait the atmosphere back to normal. It was frightened by the scientists since the ash cloud could damage the airplane engines as well as the air was blocked by large ash cloud. The stop was run for at least 6 days in a row.

On the air industry itself, the loss of economy was estimated more than a billion dollars worldwide. The national airport company had estimated the loss of about 80 million dollars as days of closing down the airport. There were over 6 million passengers at minimum abandoned in the domestic airports as well as in the foreign airports. The recent time of ban of flights was done in the time of 9-11 attacks in the US.

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