Volcanoes In Iceland Facts

volcanoes in Iceland

Iceland has many volcanoes than people can imagine. It is located on the plate boundary of North American and Eurasia plate tectonics. The North America plate that shift to the west and the Eurasia that shift to the east had formed a constructive tectonic plates boundary divergent. That had formed a Ridge zone of Mid Atlantic, along the both sides of the rocky lands that also have been used in evidence of plate tectonics foundation. The divergence of the both tectonic plates is at speed of 1-5 centimeters annually. There had been produced some volcanoes in Iceland along the cracks of the so called Mid Atlantic Ridge from north east towards south west of Iceland, crossing below frozen land in the zone.

volcanoes in Iceland

Iceland is itself becoming a volcanic island found in that North Atlantic Ocean. The island that is found in north of Mid Atlantic Ridge becoming the longest volcanic chain that has not been part of the world volcanic chain is also becoming one of the most active volcanic places in the world. There is under spot that human can not actually see which is the nearly all volcanoes in Iceland that spanned across Atlantic Ocean floor in about 40 thousand kilometers in length. Although it is the truth, Iceland itself defines about the volcanic conditions located on the Mid Atlantic Ridge are situated at above sea level. The Iceland Island is exactly located in the middle of Mid Atlantic Ridge that had been created from the divergent boundary of North American and Eurasia plate tectonics. In the movement of tectonic plates separating apart, molten rocks in the crust of ocean was pulled up and flowed out from the tip of the cracks zone in the ocean floor in about 2.5 centimeters a year. After the molten rocks got cooled, a new sea floor was formed. The activities of volcanoes have created a forming island to above the sea level called Iceland. The Island of Iceland got much bigger as a result of this processes of volcanoes from the tip zone from the crack zone of the earth’s crust to be apart.

One of volcanoes in Iceland was unexpectedly roaring as one of its volcanoes exploded and discharged a large amount of ash clouds that postpone all flights within Northern Europe for days and melted the ice glacier on its surrounding that caused flood and forced hundreds of citizens to evacuate. A large debit of ash clouds were flown to the south and east towards England as well as towards European mainland before it was finally gone. The ash clouds were flown in effectively productive that all the departures in England were postponed due to its scary effect of the potential damage on the airplane as well as the lack vision on the air traffic. The stop of the all flight departures was actually started at 11 at the local times. There were estimated around 6000 flight departures in the territory of England every day. Plus the days that were disturbed by the ash cloud were estimated around six and half days. The other countries in the European countries were more than 10 countries. All the effected flights were estimated 100.000.

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