Organization To Find Out Was There An Earthquake In Oklahoma?



Most people are wondering about was there an earthquake in Oklahoma because of the increasing of seismic levels recently. As the solutions, the state agencies work together with the stakeholders to find the best solutions.

To respond the earthquake, Governor Mary Fallin transferred almost $1.4 million on January 28, 2016. It was the emergency funds to fulfill the requests of Oklahoma Geological Survey and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission so that it can become more support for the research.

The Fund for Oklahoma Corporation Commission

For the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, the governor allocated as much as $387,000 of money to do some jobs such as;

  • The upgrades of information technology
  • A couple of contract geologists, geophysicist consultant, and the contract clerical worker.
  • The attorney of oil and gas in senior level.

The Fund for the Oklahoma Geological Survey

For the Oklahoma geological survey, the fund allocated is as much as $1 million. The summary of the fund allocations has been made by the OGS director Dr. Jeremy Boak. They accept the additional funding with much excitement so that they can address kinds of the needs associated to the increasing numbers of the seismicity in the Oklahoma state. The additional funding is going to support the projects collection, which will assist the survey for;

  • Improve the seismic array and also the tools that help analyzing the earthquakes tracking.
  • Analyzing the crucial trends in the recording of the earthquake inside their catalog.
  • Describe the reservoir and geologic properties of sedimentary rocks of Arbuckle Group as well as the fundamental Oklahoma basement.
  • Prototype the injected produced water interaction with the deep rocks of crustal in the area that results the movement to know was there an earthquake in Oklahoma.
  • Reach the citizen scientists out, including the teachers and students that organize the compact accelerometers in their classrooms so that they can measure the intensities of the earthquake.
  • Make a workshop on the prompted seismicity for the industry, government and also the academic investigators in Oklahoma State. So they can synthesize the results and also the research needs.

The Other Programs to Fund

The organization will work with the scientists and also the engineers so they can explore and identify the fundamental features of the challenging and complex phenomenon. The funded programs are such as;

  1. Three projects of seismology to install the other seismic stations that are permanent, apply a complete database that is referenced to the geographical and then connect to the datasets, and also bring up-to-date the network that connects the seismic stations.
  2. Three projects of analytical to measure the seismicity response to the driving changes of regulatory and market forces in the water injection produced. Besides, it is also to evaluate the mass due redistribution either for oil and gas production or water injection, as well as to define the subtle spatial and also the seismicity temporal patterns.
  3. Four projects to grow the models of the mechanical and hydrologic behavior couples of the Arbuckle Group Basement system, which was there an earthquake in Oklahoma.

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