What Caused The Japan’s Earthquake 2011?

what caused the Japan's earthquake 2011

The 9 magnitude Japan earthquake was caused by the mega thrust fault 500 kilometers wide on north of east shoreline of Japan. The epicenter was 130 kilometers from Sendai, Honshu island. As well, the earthquake was happened in the focus of 32 kilometers. It was shallow depth of earthquake. The quake trembled the shoreline for 6 minutes. What caused the Japan earthquake 2011?

what caused the Japan's earthquake 2011

The quake shifted Honshu prefecture 2.4 meters to the east by the seismic wave and brought tsunami wave in a speed of a jet plane such as 700 kilometers per hour. The wave was increasing speedily reaching 38 meter on the highest sweeping as far as 10 kilometers from the Honshu shore, damaging all above the ground.


There were foreshocks two days before measured at 7.2 magnitude before the massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck. This tricked everyone. Nobody believed that that was a foreshock for a sign that the next quake could be more hazardous. However, the later could be believed that those earthquakes happened 2 days before were really the foreshocks.

This could be meant that the people in Japan believed that their nation could encounter such earthquake or even tsunami and they were unprepared for the powerful quake itselves. Furthermore, the tsunami was triggered in other locations such as in the Hawaii or in the US.

Main Causes of The Japan Earthquake 2011

The shift of the tectonic plates of pacific plate that was happened actually pushed under the North American plate and produced a powerful quake measured at 9 magnitude and triggered a huge tsunami wave.

Again, in the thrust fault was an occurrence of the pacific plates pushing beneath another plate such as North American plate. The tension built up happened since decades as a result of the two edges of the Pacific plate’s pushed underneath the North American plate and would be released on a shock wave creating a subduction zone where big earthquake happened and massive tsunami was produced. That is what caused the Japan’s earthquake 2011.

Hazard Of Tsunami

Tsunami was originated from Japan word meaning ocean waves. What caused the Japan earthquake 2011 has also caused one of hazards of earthquakes which was tsunami. The mega thrust earthquake has produced a huge tsunami that damage entire land of east shoreline of Japan. The casualties caused by this were more than 20.000 inhabitants. There could be much missing people because they might be unprepared such a massive earthquake and the evacuation were not made in time.

What has been in the history of Japan was also the tsunami that happened in 1923 in The Great Kanto earthquake.

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Disaster

The explosion of the nuclear plant in Fukushima prefecture was caused by the detection of big earthquake that have been launched for the plant meltdown. Yet, the tsunami then attacked the nuclear plant making the process of the meltdown was broken. The result was the four of the plants were exploded and leaked the plants so that the radioactive substance was released into the atmosphere. In total, there were damages only on four of all nuclear plants. The particles of radioactive were released creating more problems rather than the prior earthquake and tsunami.

The leakage of Fukushima nuclear power plant has been the worst nuclear disaster after nuclear crisis in Chernobyl, Ukraine that forced the inhabitants out of the area after one of the nuclear power plant exploded.

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