what causes a earthquake

Lists below might Describe What Causes an Earthquake

Most of the earthquakes were caused by the motion on the fault. The plates edge that shift in a pace of some centimeters annually stores stress on the boundary and suddenly break the fault plane after the stress are greater in power that it can break the rocks. That is what causes of earthquake.


what causes a earthquake


Natural factors


  • Massive water accumulation

In addition, earthquake may also occur as a result of water accumulation in a big mass in the dam like what happened in Karibia, Zambia, Africa.

  • Tectonic Plate

Earthquake that occur due to tectonic plate movement. This is a geologic process of earth rocks.

  • Volcanic Eruption

Earthquake can occur because there is a sign that there would be eruption of an active volcanoes.

  • Liquid injection

While some other earthquake might occur as a result of liquid injection from and to the earth like what happened in rocky mountain arsenal and some geothermal power plants


Human factors


  • Explosives

Differ from other factors what causes a earthquake, this kind of earthquake occurs as a result of human action. This action is usually taken when researchers conduct secret nuclear weapons done by the government.

Those are all about some factors behind an earthquake. Some factors might happen due to natural causes whilst some others might happen due to human factors. However, after knowing all factors what causes an earthquake above, human can take some preventive action to minimize the impact of the earthquake.

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