What Causes Earthquakes Along The San Andreas Fault?


What causes earthquakes along the San Andreas fault? The San Andreas fault is really the one fault zone that is prone in North America. In the Haiti, southern of America, the earthquake happened in a hidden fault line after they did not have any earthquakes since two and half centuries ago. That was a century of geological event of generating tensions. The earthquake was caused by the complex fault zone in the plates edge of Caribbean plate and another micro plate. However, that of Chile had the most effective code buildings that could stand in the powerful 8.8 magnitude earthquake in 2010.


The US has had a past history of century that the 1906 earthquake struck the US and that was caused by the San Andreas Fault line. It had an extension of fault line on the south as well as on the north. We can learn from all the history that planning, preparation and steps to minimize can be done and help saving lifes. Make sure you have all necessery things such as home earthquake kit.

It can reflect that the earthquake along the San Andreas fault still has a major process of seismic processes under the ground. Even though it had a zero works. Still, in the plate boundary there are proven evident in history of earthquakes. There were in histories that the earthquakes happen in plate boundaries. The example was evident in the Haiti and Chile. The similar case happened in the US where it had the lengthiest of fault line caused by the dynamic movement of the plates. The plates edge still indeed move and accumulate tensions. However, merely prediction of the earthquake can not be done. If you think you live in west coast of the US, you may think what causes earthquakes along the San Andreas fault is important. However, you need to be more prepared for the emergency by reading the earthquake preparedness kit article. Prediction about San Andreas Fault :

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