What Causes Earthquakes And Volcano Earthquake


What causes earthquakes and volcano earthquake listed below is important for you to know the difference about earthquakes and volcano earthquakes. The tectonic plates edge under the ocean can cause the tsunami hazard caused by the quake. A powerful earthquake that happened in Haiti has caused minimum a hundred thousand fatalities. The cause of it was the slippage on the fault. In Indian Ocean, when a powerful earthquake happened due to seismic movement on the plates edge, it generated great tsunami wave that sweeping across many south Asian countries such as Indonesia. The most devastated nation impacted by the tsunami was Indonesia with total fatalities in massive number of more than two hundred thousand loss of lives.


In Japan, the same case happened when mega thrust earthquake hit the ocean due to motion in the fault which was thrust fault, giant tsunami waves surged and swept the Tohoku region. People sometimes get distracted from their activities when an earthquake takes place in a region. It can kills lot of people because the tremble collapsed houses causing the wall or ceiling drop on the people, landslide falls on a inhabited places and tsunami cause devastation on the places near coast such as Pacific and Indian ocean. Preparation and steps in emergency situation when there are earthquakes can include earthquake preparedness kit and disaster plan.

What causes volcanoe earthquake? Several earthquakes happen due to the movement of magma in the volcano. This kind of earthquake occurs as a result of volcanic and magma activities which are usually occur before the eruption of volcano. When the activity is gradually increasing, then, it will cause an explosion which can also cause earthquake. Generally, this earthquake will occur surrounding the volcano areas only. After you read what causes earthquakes and volcano earthquakes, you know the difference between the two. Depend on where you live, then you can conclude which earthquakes you must be aware of in your areas. You can see earthquake of the Andes Volcano article in

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