What Causes Earthquakes In California?


What causes earthquakes in California? There are thousands of earthquakes occurred in California, but most are very small. Large earthquake can be happened anytime. Around Hayward fault zone in July 2015 was also struck by an earthquake in the San Francisco bay area with the power of 4 magnitude. It is also predicted a large earthquake will occur here.


Located in the north of San Andreas Fault zone from Cape Mendocino to the island in Canada, namely Vancouver Island, Cascadian subduction Zone (CSZ) is located in North Carolina to northern Vancouver Island. Besides, this fault zone separated between two tectonic plates, the Juan de Fuca plate with the North American plate. This mega thrust fault is about 1000 kilometers.

Since last century, California was already hit by an earthquake since 1857. The highest toll which was in 1906 was hit by the earthquake called the 1906 San Francisco earthquake which killed around 3000 fatalities. Apart from that California, earthquake also happened in the Loma Prieta with 7.2 magnitude killing 63 people that stop rumbling after 30 seconds in 1989 and in the Northridge in 1994. Last earthquake in California occurred in 2014 called the 2014 earthquake South Napa.

The San Andreas fault is a result of geological movement of North American plate converges with Pacific plate. Earthquake in California in last century has been due to this fault that has many small minor branches especially in the southern California. The converge of the North American and the Pacific plate is at an inch.

What causes earthquakes in california? Of course earthquake can naturally happen because many reasons. There are various risks too, such as tsunami and other tragedies. Reports and news said that California has low possibility to get worst damages such as tsunami because most structures and places are created to survive the earthquake incidents. There are geological fault that resided around California. The cause for that is that west coast of the US is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire and above tectonic plates that made it prone to earthquakes. Article about the same topic :

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