what causes earthquakes

What Causes Earthquakes?

Most of us at least want to understand the prime cause of earthquakes. It is the “explosion” of gigantic seismic wave in the earth's crust at the outer surface of earth. It is out of question any energy explosion is to create shock waves along with vibration on the entire surface or media it passes through. You want to explore deeper about what is the real meaning of earthquake strength measurement on the most famous Richter scale. You will be surprised to find out and could be have a kind of difficulty to figure out how powerful the energy explosion is from the inner center of earth. For you who study science about geology or similar to that could describe that at some point the power at the starting point of an earthquake could be as strong as an atomic bomb explosion. That is the truth.

Epicenter is the center where the earthquake explodes its energy upwards which as you have seen frequently can easily wipes out buildings, bridges and other construction meekly. The most rigid steel structures suddenly becomes so weak when an earthquake strikes. Scientist would say it is the aftershock that is more dangerous than the strike itself. The exact analogue is implode vs explode. In simple words it is when the chain energy transfer reflect to larger surface that cause the devastating final strike. When a strong earthquake epicenter is under a deep sea then there is always a tsunami possibility as a manifestation of the “implosion”. You want to recall Japan tsunami 2011 plus others in South East Asia region although they are not as strong.

Where do Earthquake Occur?

There are 4 layers of our planet which are known as: internal core, external core, mantle and crust. The outermost layer and the crust of the earth form a thin surface on the outer layer of planet earth. The “thin” part is divided into several thinner layers. Those layers tend to move in a constant lower speed and collide one with another. They are known as tectonic plates and the edge of each plates is called the plate boundary which is normally made of solid rocks. Seismic shock wave is the product of regular collision between plate boundaries as the result of energy break free. Some scientists would have to say this stage is the most dangerous one to earth’s surface as the energy release from underground. Indeed some earthquake level monitoring device prefer to base the reading to this phenomenon. Because the terms are more stable in the sense the electronic sensors can subdivide the vibration signal reading into finest possible state to represent most accurate output reading.

Where do most earthquakes occur in the world? The term Ring of Fire refers to a larger area where earthquakes happens on regular basis i.e. this is the location of frequent tectonic plates which are connected one after another to form a huge invisible earthquake chain belt. The Pacific plate which is located across the pacific ocean is the most famous.

Effects of Earthquakes

Why does the earth shake when there is an earthquake? Moving earth crust caused by planet Earth semi solid center push upper tectonic layers hence deliver the energy to earth surface. Depends on how the initial energy wave is erupted it might be transformed either into crashing, shifting or smashing movement on ground surface. Should it happen at sea abyss sector then there is always a potential for tsunami to happen. At this point earthquake observers are to rely to the sensitiveness as well as accuracy of the monitoring system.

5 Causes of Earthquakes

High rise building collapse, meteor collision to ground surface and the most commonly to happen is volcano eruption as prime cause of earthquake. There is one often overlooked cause: underground explosion in mining area. The latter is an ongoing issue every where else in the world. It is high time for one to consider the negative effects to the next generation due to over exploitation which in anyway would end in less productive result. The required recovery time is unbelievable as it is more than just a matter of wood logging. It is about soil layers destruction. How could one restore it after the mining production is over in one spot. On and on that is the way human destroy his own living place by digging huge tunnels deep down into the earth just for the sake of precious metals and oil. There are some huge earthquakes that never been announced as a result of soil layers collapse. 

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