What Is Natural Disaster In The World?

what is natural disaster

What is natural disaster? Natural disaster is a natural event that can produce large devastation caused by a disastrous event such as earthquakes, typhoon, hurricane, drought, tsunami, flames, volcanic eruption and flood.

what is natural disaster

Everyone knows when seeing on the television, news, radio or internet, they often see about natural disaster happened on another location or another part of the world. The natural disaster caused massive damages on affected region and could created large casualties. They happen fast and violent.

The earth surface consists of tectonic plates that crash each other. They create earthquake such as tremble on this earth and destroy anything in the land not limited to infrastructure or properties but also causing natural hazard such as volcanic eruptiontsunami and flames. Earthquakes happen more frequently on the plate boundaries. They are caused by cracks on the earth surface. The cracks are called the fault. There are many fault zones in the earth. In America, there are many fault zones that are linked across the states of America such as middle and south of US.

What You Need to Know about Natural Disaster

When people search for what is natural disaster especially earthquake. It often creates a huge number of casualties. Earthquakes happen as a result of the tectonic plates that shift and smash each other. They are hard to be predicted because the earthquake is taken place beneath the ground. Around the epicenter, earthquake can cause a huge destruction same as other natural disaster such as flames, flood, volcanic eruption and tsunami. Typically the fault zone is a location that causes the earthquake to happen. Because earthquakes were frequently causing massive destruction, the scientists are searching ways on when the quakes will strike.

Around the Rim of Pacific, there are places where most of earthquakes occurring in these locations. They happen across the fault zone typically in the states of America, Alaska, and Japan to New Zealand.

When a powerful earthquake happens, everyone can feel the rumble in a few seconds. They can shake the properties and the sound of the tremble of the land and properties becomes louder. They deliver violent tremble as many things inside the house get fallen.

The safety measure is for preventing from injuries during the earthquake that is the planning of the safety act for everyone.  Early preparation for making sure that everything is kept under safety in case of something happen caused by possible outcome during the earthquake can minimize the effects of hazards on the people surrounding you including your member of family, neighbor or society. Emergency kit and study on the preventive action during all natural disasters such as earthquake can save everyone from injuries.

What is natural disaster of earthquake? Can you calculate how long earthquake happen? The scientists have experienced for calculating the time during the quake happen. The earthquakes having 7 Magnitude usually happen in about 30 seconds while more than 7 Magnitude earthquakes usually happen in about a minute. For eight Magnitude earthquakes, they usually happen around two minutes. In three minutes for eight and half plus Magnitude quake. The powerful 9.0 Magnitude earthquakes can occur around 4 minutes. Especially in the California, the 1989 earthquake that happened in Loma Prieta, has caused at least 60 casualties at billions dollars cost of total destruction. That 6.9 Magnitude earthquake happened in a period of ten to fifteen seconds.

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