When Will The Next Earthquake Happen?


When will the next earthquake happen? With the helps from many kinds of technology developed nowadays, the experts invent more about the natural disasters including the earthquake. Of course, it makes something like predicting when are where the earthquake happened becomes much easier. It is although our technology is still not able to be equals with the instincts of animals when predicting it. Even the average of accuracy between the prediction and the reality is also around 50 percent. Besides, the stress occurred on the faults can simply produce similar stress on the other parts. Sure, it is something which cannot be easily predicted from the beginning. Finally, it can be concluded that the prediction of earthquake must be blurred. The higher prediction is generally only related to the aftershocks. The earthquake prediction is based on such a long research of the pattern. Meanwhile, more research is commonly only about the risks that will be suffered later. However, with those 50 percent possibility, it is still relieving as well. At least, we can just know when the next earthquake happens from some following matters.


The Measurement of Earth Plate

The tectonic earthquake can be forecasted by measuring the movement of earth plate particularly on the areas around the faults. The measurement can be done using GPS tools with high accuracy. Besides, there are also some other tools needed like laser scanning which is functioned to measure and indicate the change of land shape. By knowing the velocity and acceleration of the movement, surely the earthquake that may be happened on the earth’s surface can be predicted. Still, the possibility is not up to 100 percent.

The Observation of Magnetic Field

In fact, earthquake is not only happened because of the movement of earth’s plate and the likes. There are still some factors including the magnetic as well as electricity field kept inside the rocks. The magnetic field can be changed anytime and this phenomenon can cause earthquake. Indeed, the effects of earthquake caused by magnetic field tend to be smaller than the tectonic ones. However, it doesn’t mean that people around are allowed to be less careful. Fortunately, what happens around the magnetic field can be predicted also. Therefore, such a warning is possibility to be announced before it is occurred.

The Research Deal with the Leak of Natural Gas

Compared to the two matters mentioned before, this cause is actually still being questioned. However, some of new experiments have shown that the leak of natural gas is also possible to cause some disasters including the earthquake. Sure, this still should be acknowledged deeply. But as the natural gas is something which is already observed so many times, this will be possible to be used as the prediction when the earthquake will happen.

More Supervision for Mining Activities

Ironically, some earthquakes are also caused by human error. That’s why, more supervision is really needed to do particularly for the mining activities. If the supervision can be done well, more than just predicting the earthquake caused by human error, we can also even avoid it. So, here are some answers for predicting, when will the next earthquake happen?

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