Where Are Earthquakes Most Common Symptoms?


There may be no proven method to precisely predict when exactly an earthquake will occur, however, by knowing where are earthquakes most common symptom, you can get yourself prepared even long before the earthquake hits the town. Read on to learn more about the most common possible symptoms of an earthquake.


Geologists and other scientists have been trying to develop an early warning system which detects and provides informations on where earthquakes occur long before an it starts to shake the ground with its deadly powers. However, so far all they could come up with instruments which record the vibrations of the tectonic plates’ movement. While this information can provide us with a warning in the form of abnormal and extreme vibrations which mean it will most likely lead to earthquake, the  time interval between the initial recorded movement and the mainshock is simply too short a period – in fact, it’s too short to give us all a chance to escape.

Predicting an earthquake and where are earthquakes most common is almost an impossible task, this is due to the fact that the movements are unpredictable in the first place – despite of this, nature has a unique way of warning us. By being more observant, you probably won’t find out where do earthquakes mostly occur but you’ll be able to notice precursors or symptoms and aware when there is an impending earthquake. Below is a list of possible precursors to assist you:

Examine the Ground, or Water

While this doesn’t always happen, it is common for us to hear distant booming noises, this is a typical precursors which happen a few days before earthquakes. Rivers, too, were reportedly flow backwards days before the massive earthquakes in Sichuan and New Madrid.

Observe the Clouds and Air

Just like what happened in Sichuan 20 minutes before the devastating earthquake occurred, unusual cloud formation and halo or rainbow clouds appeared. If you see something strange on the clouds, take it as a precaution.

Notice Unusual Change in the Behavior of Animals around You

Humans may be the most clever mammals, but animals are more sensitive to tremors and the changes in electric field than us humans. If you have a pet in your residence and it starts acting strange, you may use it as a sign that something is about to happen. Your cat or dog may act erratic, nervous or frightened with no reason, and if they bark incessantly and try to run for cover instead of calming down when you try to calm their nerves, it is safe to assume that you must find a safe place immediately as dogs and cats can sense earthquake minutes before it occurs.

If you see an onslaught of migrating cockroaches, frogs or birds flying erratically, you should be suspicious as there are numerous reports that confirm animals’ sensitivity to earthquakes – thousands of toads in China, for example.

Now that you have found out all you need to know about where are earthquakes most common symptom which given to us by nature, you can use the earthquake precursors above to help you be more prepared should anything happen.

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