Where Do Earthquakes Occur Most Often In 2016?


Last year was one for the books, from worsening political climate to an exhaustive list of natural disasters hitting all parts of the world – if you’re here, chances are you’re aware of the fact that our beloved earth seem to have made more movements than ever before and you’re wondering where do earthquakes occur most often in 2016? Curiosity is a human’s nature – and so is fear. Maybe we have to move overseas for work, or maybe we’re planning to go abroad for a summer vacation and we would like to know whether or not our destination is prone to earthquake and other types of natural disaster.

Yes, regardless of what they are, natural disasters are extremely frightening. The fact that it cannot be avoided and also the fact that it may come in full force without warning never fail to make us worry for our safety. While it’s true that natural disasters cannot be avoided, precautions may save lives. However, the question remains: how do we take said precautions? One way to do it is by finding out the recorded natural disaster history and statistics.

Not only will we be able to find out if a country is prone to devastating earthquakes, with the knowledge we get from our research we will also be able to get ourselves prepared should the dreaded earthquake happen during our stay overseas.


While the “where do earthquakes occur most often” over the past year? question seems simple, unfortunately finding the answer to que is not easier than we thought it would be – not because there is a lack of information out there, but because there is simply no simple and straightforward way to answer the question. In order to get a better and more specific answer without having to stray too far from the essence of our question, we may have to rephrase our question into a few different ways – this way we will be able to get all possible corners of this question addressed adequately.

Countries that Have the most Earthquakes per Unit Area

When it comes to the total number of earthquakes per unit area in 2016, Fiji, Tonga and Indonesia are three countries which have been hit more frequently with devastating earthquakes. The instrumentation and equipment these countries have are not adequate to record small earthquakes which is why the statistics do not come with these informations. If we are to add small earthquakes record to answer the initial where do earthquakes occur most often in 2016 question, New Zealand will make it to the top of the most earthquakes happen list with a total of 32,828 earthquakes.

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