Where do most Earthquakes Occur most of the Time?

ring of fire
ring of fire

Earthquake is among the most frequent natural phenomenon. So, where do most earthquakes occur, anyway? Let’s reveal it further. Basically, it can happen anywhere and anytime but some areas do experience it more frequently than other places.

Actually, the places experiencing the most frequent earthquakes are the places where the earth plate structure is located. This structure is known to be the most potential cause. You may not be familiar with this plate structure but do not be shocked because it is a huge area size located underneath the ground. It is basically as big as football field size. Meanwhile, it has a thick depth. Well, imagine how strong the energy that it causes when the plate is moved to any direction. In fact, even if it is only a few feet of movement, it can already cause light earthquake. So, imagine what big movements can cause to the ground surface of earth.

Ring of Fire Map

ring of fire
ring of fire

When it comes to the places experiencing the most frequent earthquake, it refers to the area of Circum Pacific belt aka Ring of Fire. It is the famous line where most frequent earthquake happens even on routine basis. Perhaps, if you are not a geologist, you may wonder what makes this Ring of Fire very important. Well, actually, this is something important you should consider if you think of buying properties in Ring of Fire area because it does affect the safety. This Ring of Fire covers several countries in Asia making the countries so susceptible of earthquake that they can even experience earthquake several times in a month. Some of the countries include Japan, Indonesia, Philippine and several other countries in Asia.

Actually, there is one interesting fact. Earthquake is not only caused by the soil layers’ movement. Instead, the most frequent cause is the grinding phenomenon. Why? That’s because even the tremor or rumbling ground can already be considered as earthquake. Although, it does happen at much lower intensity and doesn’t cause any damage on the surfaces.

Two Plates


When it comes to the plate that we have explained above, there are two kinds of it. They are the oceanic and continental plate. They can be considered as the floor plate and house wall. Our planet Earth basically consists of magma with super high temperature creating super huge pressure. Based on the natural principle, the pressure forces through the weak joints on the surface and it will be trapped in it. Here is the fact. Neither the oceanic nor the continental plate is made of seamless surface. Therefore, it is only a matter of time until the weak joint occurs and tremor happens on the ground surface.

To be more specific, most of the earthquake happens at the tectonic plates edges’ boundary yet it can even occur in the middle area. Faults causing the earthquake can actually be located over the edges of the tectonic plate. Basically, there are different faults that cause an earthquake. They are reverse fault, strike slip fault and normal fault. The normal fault occurs following rock slides downward past other rock of block. Hanging wall refers to block of rock moving downward. Foot wall refers to block of wall moving upward.

The second type of fault, reverse or thrust fault occurs just the opposite way. It basically happens following hanging wall that moves upward with the foot wall moving downward. This is the type of fault that trigger tsunami warnings in the Pacific area. The third fault type, strike slip fault occurs following the rocks that move side by side and in line with fault.

If you are a geologist, you certainly know that the sliding of tectonic plates take millions of years. And since it happens on continuous basis, it produces sudden energy blast right from the underground. Therefore, it is true that the most earthquakes happen to the area of subduction zones. It is so true that the original energy blast can be even as strong as the small nuke bomb. It is certainly very capable to wipe out the ground surface without any resistant. And according to the research, more than 80% of total earthquakes happen on Earth occur in the Ring of Fire are which is along the Pacific Ocean.

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