Why Are There Earthquakes In Oklahoma Today?



Why are there earthquakes in Oklahoma? Earthquake is something which is really terrifying. For some people, maybe this phenomenon is quite often done. It is mainly when they live in such an area where there are many faults on the earth plates.

So, how about Oklahoma? Is the earthquake happened there is classified as tectonic, volcanic, or even caused by human error? Indeed, comparing to other earthquakes comes currently, what happens in Oklahoma is actually smaller. Even, based on some observation done after the happening, it is only causing little or no damage at all. However, something which is terrible is regarding the fact that the number of earthquake in Oklahoma is increased per year. It means if there is other earthquakes come in the following years, the scale will be increased as well. So, what must we do?

Is it caused by the disposal well?

There is controversy resulted following the phenomenon of earthquake in Oklahoma. In fact, based on the history noted, there is no much history of such a disaster in this area. But, it gains more attention since the earthquake which was happened in 2011 and considered as the bigger one. Well, bigger here is not related to the seismic rate but it leads so many bad effects. If you still remember, there are so many victims of injuries and also collapsed buildings. It is so good since many experts and scientists began to look for what causes the earthquake. Meanwhile, they also have learnt about the effects of pumping underground to lift the liquid towards the land itself. The result is really surprising. The activities of disposal well can cause and even increase the earthquake. Even, the effect is almost the same with other earthquakes caused naturally by the movement of earth plate or volcano.


Of course, there is some sides’ against the government related to the policy regarding the limitation of well disposal. The company basically earns money which is also really useful to pay so many employers. And about the accusation as the main cause of earthquake, those sides must dodge as well. Based on that fact, it is still really important to observe more whether the earthquake is really caused by the human error or not. Meanwhile, when it is proven, there must be following actions in order to prevent this disaster to be happened anymore in the future.

The Current Prevention

Currently, what can be done by government along with the people is by doing more supervision. Actually, the disposal well will not cause such a tragedy as long as there is any limitation of the usage. Fortunately, there is already a real movement from the government in order to avoid the matter. There are around 27 of the total disposal wells which are forced to reduce their activities in Oklahoma. Besides, millions of dollars are also used to fund some efforts namely the research and response. Decreasing the use of disposal wells will not directly give the effect. But at least, we try to do something to prevent the earthquake to be happened in the future. So, this is the exact reason for why are there earthquakes in Oklahoma.

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