Why Did The Earthquake In Japan Happen So Often?

Japan separation

Japan Island was situated at the most dangerous location in the world. Why did the earthquake in Japan happen? The bigger magnitude earthquake happened when there were discharged of seismic waves caused by the plates that were smashing in a very long period of time.

Japan separation

The hazards of earthquakes could be more lethal as they were located on the shoreline near the active plate boundary. The motion of the tectonic plates was in a pace of some centimeters annually. Thus the tensions were built up around the plate boundaries for centuries and could be unlocked to discharge a powerful earthquake in the fault or in the plate boundaries.

Earthquakes in Japan History

The three most hazardous earthquakes in consecutive years were the Great Kanto earthquake in 1923, the Great Hanshin earthquake in 1995 and the Great Eastern in 2011. The casualties caused by those three earthquakes in consecutive time were at minimum of 140.000 victims in 1923, 6400 lives in 1995 as well as 30.000 deaths in 2011. The names of the earthquake were originated from the original area of the earthquake such as Great Kanto, Great Hanshin and Great Eastern.

Japan Tectonic Plates 

The tectonic plates that formed the Japanese prefecture were North American, Pacific, Eurasia and Philippines plates. The pacific plate shifted in a pace of 9 centimeters or 3.5 inches a year. That plate accumulated energy of tension for a very long of times. Earthquake tended to happen in specific period of time. However, scientists did not have the capability to predict such the time when it would come.

The tsunami is foremost in Japan. It is one of hazards caused by earthquakes. It was an ocean wave that caused by the thrust fault or when one tectonic plate was pushed under another plate such as Pacific plate and released thrust motion causing the ocean to surge onto the shoreline. The cause of earthquake is that many numbers of the continent and oceanic plates that were locked connected and shifted. Also, the cause originated from the location where Japan is located. The shape of Ring of Fire was formed by the volcanoes and seismic waves around the Pacific Ocean.

Japan is in the most dangerous location which is in the plate boundary where Pacific plate connects with another tectonic plate which is North American plate. The main factor behind earthquake in Japan was that the plate boundaries and the type of the fault. Pacific plates was shifting gradually with a speed of 9 cm a year. The fault type was thrust fault. Thrust fault is the movement of the tectonic plate to lower of another plate. When the discharge of tension that was built up for so many years in massive power of jolt, that was what happened in Japan. Many faults were thrust fault and created the massive power of earthquakes and possibility of tsunami.

Why did the earthquake in Japan happen? Further, everyone could be amazed with the location under the Japan island. The Japan trench under the pacific sea was near the thrust fault. The boundary of the pacific plate with another tectonic plates such as North American plate that is near the Japan trench could be what the cause for large earthquake as well as giant tsunami in the ocean.

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